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NPC at Impound

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This was probably brought up before, not sure, but I think there should be an NPC sitting at the desk at impound at all times. You go up to it click on it as you would a dealer and a list of your cars you have in impound comes up and the fee it will cost to get it out. Have it so scriptly you cant take vehicles out of the impound if you dont have a license or if you have a ticket you need to pay.

Ive been stuck at impound multiple times for 20 mins up to an hour sometimes waiting for an officer to come. Clearly if theres officers on-duty and none are responding to you at impound it means they are busy RPing somewhere else or just dont like the RP of going impound and taking vehicles out. They would rather not respond and find something else to do instead which I dont blame to be honest. 

This feature will also be good when it comes to times where there isnt many people online and no cops on duty where its a waste of time even trying to go impound in hope of an officer responding.

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Make the impound lot auotmatic and if u have tickets you have to pay them before taking the car out. Legit standing here for 1-2 hours sometimes (peak hour also) and no one comes. If you call with phone it is a charge if the PO wants too. It is way too annoying to wait many hours when you might not have that much time to play at all. Yes it removes some "RP" but it really is no good RP involved with this anyway. Just automation on it all would be good.


if they have 3 degree speeding ticket or what it is to get arrested then notify the PD that they are there instead. and other charges.

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