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Sombra Negra

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Sombra Negra is a faction that not only deals with gangs that they deem are intrusive and harmful to Los Santos but makes a lot of money. Sombra Negra is not only a vigilante group but also makes large amounts of money through security and bodyguards, weapon imports, VIP escorts, drug smuggling etc.


Sombra Negra has moved from its roots of just social cleansing but to a criminalised fashion.




  1. We do not harm one another.

  2. We do not talk about our operations to outsiders.

  3. We do not talk to each other in a toxic fashion.

  4. No racism, hate speech, etc.

  5. Do not initiate any gangs or factions without permission.

  6. Do not kill anyone that doesn’t need to be killed.

  7. Do not leave the faction until you have spoken to the chief.






You must respect one another and your superiors.



Do not betray one another or the faction.



You must trust one another as we depend on each other for our work.



Do not put a half-assed effort into the faction, we all put in, and we all get out.






The owner of the gang at the current time. Has the most power in the gang. All important motions go through the Chief. If the Chief asks you to do something, you do it without question.



Those are considered the main commanders in the faction. Has the second most power in the faction. These members are highly skilled in all senses. They deal with wars and how they are fought.


Sergeants have a medium amount of power and command the soldiers under the authority of the General. They are highly skilled fighters and highly skilled from a strategic point of view.



You have finished all your training and have undergone tough protocols. You have mastered many fighting styles and are a trained shooter. You will be tasked as the main body of the gang.



As a Trainee, you will have a small amount of power and will be tasked of training recruits.


This is the starting role in the gang. You have minimal power and are going through initial training.




As a member of our faction, you will be trained in many areas to ensure that you are the high-quality player we require you to be. Here you can see some of the things we train for in the faction. The mission file is created by us and will be upgraded by us to ensure the best possible training for our members.


-       Close Quarter Combat (Clearing houses, fighting between walls, city fights)

-       Combat (Normal combat areas, warehouses)

-       Medium/long-range shooting (sniping)

-       Squad efficiency

-    Car driving

-       Convoy combat scenarios

-       Warehouse takeover scenarios

-       Map understanding




Every gang member now have to have a specialisation. Each member have to pick a main, secondary and a third specialisation.


Each member have to pick at least 3 specialisations.


You can pick between following things

  • Marksman

  • Snipers

  • Spotting

  • Close Quarter Combat

  • Car Commanding

  • Car Driving

  • Situation Commander

  • Special Operation Planner

  • Negotiation

  • Trainees




  • Every single escort/protection

  • Helping a Person (or people) to get from point A to point B, with full vehicle escort (3 cars protecting and another car for stuff and people that is being escorted) and support on transferring any (legal or illegal) stuff involved. Price: from $15.000

  • Helping transfer any stuff imported from a warehouse (you are driving car that has illegal stuff in it), with full vehicle escort . Price: from $5.000/car (each car with 2 persons)         

  • Helping take over any valid turf that is within the city's reach.

  •      a) 10 (.50 pistols) people helping to takeover/defend turf. Price: from $50.000

  •      b) 20 (.50 pistols) people helping to takeover/defend turf. Price: from $100.000

  •      c) Bring one SMG to turf takeover/defend. Price: from $5500/each

  • Helping individual people to be safely escorted to their chosen location. Price: from $5.000/car (each car with 2 persons)

  • Helping to keep public (or private) events safe. Price: from $1.000/person for 1 hour ((15 min IRL))

  • Delivering shipments (without you involved) of any kind with protection. Price: from $20.000




My phone number is:3602348




If you wish to contact me in an OOC manor, my discord is Cammus#4081







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