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Buff ATM Rewards

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The ATM mechanic is in really poor balance right now. It's an illegal activity that pays out less than many legal activities. Illegal activities true to life are supposed to be high risk high reward. It takes up to three minutes to full rob an atm. This entire time youre at risk for arrest. You also need to invest in gear to get into it and protect yourself from forensics. The newest addition of the minigame made this even worse because now there is also risk of failure. Then you account for the fact that without assistance each money pack takes like ANOTHER three minutes to open.

The payout for robbing an atm is ridiculously low. It's something like 1k every 15 minutes at best which is just absolutely unreasonable with so much associated risk. The payout needs to be either like tripled or the time needs to be cut down to a third.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but is it not low risk and low reward? If you're doing it right and not keeping evidence on you like packed money you're can get away with a misdemeanour at most.

12 minutes ago, CumFilledFrog said:

The payout for robbing an atm is ridiculously low. It's something like 1k every 15 minutes at best

This is just not true.

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-1 I believe this is balanced and working as intended

The ATM mechanic in my opinion was part of an overall initiative to incentivize player interactions. It appears some things are designed to NOT be easy and for you to have to find assistance. Make connections, find friends. Find more connected and established criminals and work out with them the washing of the money. 

You touch on the time it takes, but it's not much different than fishing which is social and legal.

ATMs require almost no skill, one tool (plus gloves) and can be done entirely alone if you want to. I wouldn't expect those types of scenarios that have little to no RP engagement to be buffed or prioritized.

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It wasn't worth it at the 180s timers, but now I honestly believe the ATMs are fine as is with the action timer.  You can get a $1000-1500 roll of packed cash in less than two minutes, and the charges are $1000 for vandalism and $2000 for petty theft (caught with packed cash).  A crowbar costs about $500, and its slow easy-ish low risk, low reward money for crims to do while waiting for friends to free up, e.g. get out of DOC.  Two successful ATMs pay for a botched one, and I've gotten about a 75% success rate smashing them without getting caught, and the evasion is up to you at that point.


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