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Revamp Medical RP (Kind of)

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Expand the list of injuries to include GSW, Stabs, Punches, and Blunt Force Trauma. Make GSWs from Heavy Weapons a different Injury than GSWs from Pistols

Also add actual BLS bags and have them stocked in the Cruisers / Ambulances when they’re spawned.

Add Broken Bones, Lacerations, Road Burn, Burns, Shrapnel (For the odd case of having been blown up) and the like


New Items : Basic Life Support Supply Bag - 20 VOL : Carries up to 50 VOL

Splint - 1 VOL

Bandage - 0.2 VOL

Gauze Roll - 1 VOL

Medical Tape - 0.5 VOL

Ice-Pack - 5 VOL

Hemostatic Gauze Roll - 2 VOL

Cotton Balls - 1 VOL 

Saline Bottle - 5 VOL

Tourniquet - 1 VOL


BLS Bags purchased from Hospitals Come equipped with the following :

2x Splint

5x Bandage

2x Gauze Pads

2x Medical Tape

2x Ice Pack

2x Hemostatic Gauze Roll

2x Cotton Balls

1x Saline Bottle

2x Tourniquet

Splint - Can be used once to begin the healing process for injuries caused by Broken Bones only on Limbs.
Bandage - Can be used once to start the healing process with injuries caused by Small Cuts
Gauze Roll - Can be used to begin the healing process with injuries caused by Lacerations, Gun Shot Wounds, and Open Fractures.
Medical Tape - Can be used in conjunction with Gauze Rolls to Speed up, and increase their healing effect.
Ice Pack - Can be used to assist with the speed and healing effect of Splints, also allows for treatment of broken bones on the head and Torso
Hemostatic Bandage - Can be used by itself, to treat Gunshot wounds, Lacerations, and Open Fractures, When used in conjunction with Tourniquet, they increase the healing speed and effect of the Hemostatic Gauze roll, Otherwise it functions function similarly to a normal Gauze Roll..
Cotton Balls - Can be used to begin the healing process for injuries caused by Gunshot Wounds and Stab Wounds,
Saline Bottle - Can be used to begin the healing process for injuries caused by Burns & Shrapnel.
Tourniquet - Can be used to begin the healing process of injuries caused by Gunshots, Lacerations, Puncture Wounds, and Open Fractures.. When used in conjunction with Gauze Pads, Hemostatic Gauze or Cotton Balls, the speed and effect of the healing is increased.

These Proposed changes would eliminate a need for the /cpr command, and would encourage more accurate Injury RP from both sides of the fence. (No more /do broken leg after being turned into swiss cheese) Not only would it encourage better RP, but it would also create more activity in the Pillbox / Paleto Hospitals as people would have a need to go to these locations other than to pick up Painkillers for before / after shootouts, Albeit by a minimal amount.

As always, Let me know what y'all think and if you don't agree with the suggestions, I invite you to make sugggestions to my suggestions 😄

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