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Meter Maid Job addition for PD

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With the recent addition of parking pay stations, this opens the door to a potentially useful role in the police department, especially for new members as a trial. This role would be a meter maid essentially.

The purpose of the meter maid role would be to help enforce parking standards in game while also exposing the new police department members to law enforcement in a less difficult way. While this job may seem a bit silly, I honestly believe there would be a lot of benefits to its existence.

Here are some examples:

1. Creates a more realistic approach to handle minor violations that designated pd members will approach rather than the rest of the police force. Adds another role to the PD to give variety

2. Offers a good entry level position for cadets to go through as a trial to gain experience and exposure to law enforcement.

3. The existence of this job will make people more likely to follow parking procedures since there's a dedicated role patrolling for it and handing out tickets.

Sure the role might not sound all that exciting to most people but the sheer potential of interaction between new pd members and general players in more mild manner incidents might prove to be good training/experience for new PD members but also lead to loads of fun rp situations involving police  not likely ending with shooting.


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