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Starter Job Rework ideas

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The current starter jobs are pretty good as is currently. This thread is only meant to be suggested adjustments to help the players doing these jobs have more interaction with players while doing these jobs.


Bus Driver - This job has the most potential for interaction with other players naturally. The only improvement i suggest is adding bus stops to the map. Adding the route lines would be nice too but probably would clutter the map too much.

Garbage Man - In order to improve this job some, I'd suggest developing routes similar to the bus driver job. Each route would have a few specified locations to retrieve trash from. The locations along the route should be stores, banks, pd/md, and anywhere else players typically go with the addition of random places as well similar to the current system.

Courier - Only suggestion is to add stores, pd/md, and banks as possible destinations for more of a chance to encounter other players outside of the vehicle.

Money Transporter - Fine as it is, atms themselves provide potential interaction

Trucker - Increase the amount of time it takes to deliver cargo and have it done outside the truck. Not having to exit the truck or stay in one spot long really hurts the chance of random player interaction. Truckers do have the cb radio but they could use more in person interaction chance. 

Fishing - With the current setup, fishing is a little too easily preyed upon for mugging. Also with so many spots to fish at along the pier, people tend not to be near each other. First I'd suggest adding two new fishing locations, one further up north on the map and a second down by the docks(boats/trucker job area). Adding these new locations might help populate fishing again as it would be more out of the way for people to check regularly for potential mugging victims than it currently is. Secondly, only have two designated spots not too far apart at these locations in order to get players closer to one another for potential interaction.

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