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New lockpicking minigame failing when it shouldn't

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Date and time (provide timezone):  Unsure exact time. GMT +1

Character name: David Bingley

Issue/bug you are reporting:  Since the new lockpicking minigame was added I have had a lot of issues of it failing when I clearly hit space when it was in the zone. I have recorded two instances of this. I have over 60FPS and my ping is around 30

Expected behavior:  The minigame should succeed when you press space when the blue bar is on the green.





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Its an issue of ping/desync, not your FPS.  Try aiming early if your ping is bad, and ATMs make for much cheaper practice now that they're on the same system.  Once you get "used" to your amount of desync on it, its not too terrible.


There's a thread on this here already:


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