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Vending machines & food

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Unlike most, I’d like to only store food in my vending machines instead of items and I don’t want the food to spoil, I understand in real life food has expiration dates but in game if the food is at 22% it doesn’t fill the hunger bar and at that point I wouldn’t use the vending machine. Chances are very few people will find my vending machine so the food will be in there for a long time till it gets bought so I don’t want to be stocking it knowing it’ll just rot. 

As long as there is a limit to how much can be stored I don’t see any negatives to this suggestion and hope I’ve covered it all and it’s all factual. 

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Huge +1.

I have a handful of vending machines around properties in the city. I've been trying to keep items stocked by going to Burgershot, but food generally spoils too fast to be worth it. Even if I do stock it, I end up throwing out spoiled food every other day and people are also hesitant because they know vending machine food will not fill them as much because it's been sitting there. I doubt I will continue to stock food with the current system.


I believe the 'Callums Candy Machine' food vending machine should keep food items fresh much longer. I'm not against leaving the fast spoil on the drink vending machine, to give both vending machines a specific use.

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