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Dear Eclipse Suggestion Community,

I want to start off by saying I do not personally know if this suggestion will add too too much to game-play however, i feel it will introduce some new ways to make role-play more interactive and some what more realistic overall.

The Suggestion,

What I'm suggesting is the abilities for cops to introduce a new penalty//fines system where, if you're spotted loitering, you will be given some sort of punishment for loitering, now how can this operate, my suggestion is it's based on police interaction // vision, if an active on duty officer sees you loiter, by throwing empty bottles, mugs or spoiled food on the ground, they will give you some sort of penalty.

Based on NCSL.com the penalty for Loitering can vary depending on state, if we go by the Los Santos in San Andreas is Los Angeles in California, the fines are between $100 to $1000 for the first conviction and at least 8 hours of litter cleanup, the latter of which might be harder to introduce, so lets say a ticket on $500 to keep thing simple. Now, how would we counter this so that civilians will have the opportunity to NOT get a ticket but still clean our inventories? Simple, the dumpsters located around the map could serve as inventories that reset once every hour or two, big enough to store 3 players worth of just trash.. So basically, the suggestion in and of itself is : $500 fines for loitering, countered by dumpsters with big inventories that automatically reset every hour or two (the dumpsters could also be part of the garbage truck job but y'a know whatever)

Okay great, a new penalty system and a way to avoid it, perfect, however lets take it one step further : Some of the dumpsters, just won't reset.. These dumpsters could be located near Illegal Factions HQs and could be used as storage for them, to store, whatever they feel safe to store there, this would of course be a risky move as anyone could in theory walk up and check the dumpster for items but, thats a risk the members of each faction would need to take if they wanted to use the storage.

PLUS!!! With the large amount of homeless camps on the map we could also have these dumpsters serve as storage there as well, where the dumpsters won't reset, and anyone can store anything they want in them, now this introduces the possibilities of adding 'bike locks' which we could use not only on bikes to lock them more properly (Motorcycles not included in this), but also to lock some of these dumpsters for more personal use, these locks could of course be picked but it'd add something interesting..

Just a suggestion.

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Loitering is already a charge applicable in game, under GC01 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qMm9u2Tl59RBpNyNSA88G7WYPFwiOgzXqL-1cWgAHEc/edit#gid=836612286.  You could ask for an IC littering charge, but that would be an IC suggestion more than anything.

I think a litter clean up could be a neat add-on to the incident management job, but for better or worse the pawn shop is everyone's trash bin now.  I do like the idea of having dumpsters as public storage, could be interesting to go dumpster diving, have random nonsense spawn in them as well.


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