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New minigame is very delayed/desynced

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Date and time (provide timezone): 27/4/2022 23:20 UTC

Character name: Charlie Wilkinson

Issue/bug you are reporting: The new minigame added for picklocking, hotwiring etc. seems to have some form of desync causing failed attempts even when space was hit while the bar was in the green zone.

Expected behavior:  It should register presses of space correctly when the blue bar is in the green zone.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate

https://streamable.com/e4mnbw I have recorded a short video of this, in which you can see that at multiple points during the clip, the script does not correctly register my presses when the blue bar is in the green zone. You can also see that, due to this, I am forced to press space before the bar hits the zone, which does register correctly, indicating some sort of delay, which of course can be taken into account and still make this minigame possible, however it makes it EXTREMELY hard to hit the zones that are in the first quarter of the circle, everything else is fine and doable if you press space before the bar hits the zone.

I have around a 30ms ping to the server at most times and my FPS is capped to 60 as I have V-Sync enabled.

Vehicle license plate number*

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