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Corrupt Game Data every time.

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Everytime I try and join (I have never successfully joined) I get a Corrupt Game Data error right after walking about as the bald man while the server loads the files in. The error happens at the loading screen.

I took off antivirus. Verified everything. reinstalled ragemp and deleted registries of it. there are no mods and it still occurred.
This seems to only happen with Eclipse and no other server I tried.
I even got a friend's files with Eclipse's server files and I still get a corrupt error.
Singleplayer does not go corrupt.

I even tried giving the files full permissions and running as administrator.

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Are you still getting this error if not let us know,

If you are I'd say please uninstall ragemp and reinstall but before loading the application up.

Start your gtav story mode and you can start it and not finish the first mission or you can finish the  first mission then leave then load Ragemp up and it should work. 

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