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Los Santos Emergency Medical Services

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The LSEMS Faction Thread is completely Out of Character ((OOC)) ;
Information read from this thread should not be used for In Character (IC) purposes.


Table of Content


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LSEMS History

In 1923, the Los Santos General Hospital was largest medical facility in the State of San Andreas, being able to care, provide and cope for 800 patients. In the 1960s through the 1970s it underwent renovations. Nine decades and counting with the expansion of different branches and departments; The Los Santos General Hospital restructured and renamed into the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services and through the times as the city of Los Santos and surrounding areas grew, the medical and emergency care provided to the citizens of San Andreas constantly evolves to meet the demanding needs of the service throughout the year.

Recruitment and Employement


The applications to join the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services are always open for players that want to take part. We offer a safe space to expand your roleplay experience and there are nearly no limits to how far you can go. We perform medical RP on many different levels and areas. 

You can become a firefighter, a therapist, a surgeon, a lifeguard, a MEDEVAC Pilot, or a regular Emergency Medical Technician that focuses on taking 911 calls. We also work closely with other government factions to expand our knowledge and roleplay. 

Application Process
The application process starts at the LSEMS Public Database. You will find information about requirements and how to apply for a position within the LSEMS. Most of the application is In Character where you will be able to showcase the character's backstory and abilities, but there is also a part of the application that requests Out Of Character  information, such as age, administrator logs, and player experience.

Interview Process
The next step of the recruitment process is an interview with a member of the LSEMS Recruitment and Employement Division. 

In Character Interview (IC)
This interview will be taking place at Pillbox Medical Center. You will be going through a typical job interview and you will be able to use your roleplay abilities to make it more in-depth. 

Out of Character Interview ((OOC))
This section will take place on the LSEMS Discord Channel. You are able to schedule a time for your interview on the #interview-lobby channel. 
During your interview, the interviewer will be checking on your microphone quality, your ability to speak English, and your knowledge and grasp of the Eclipse Server Rules and General Role-Play terms.

If you pass both your interviews, you will receive in your application a "Pending Contract" status.

Faction Leadership




About the Chief of EMS




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LSEMS Ranking Structure


lmLzc79.png   Chief of EMS

The Chief of EMS is directly appointed by the San Andreas State Government and they holds the executive power in the Los Santos Emergency Medcial Services. They are resposible for overseeing employees, the daily operation of the department, finances and partnerships with other agencies.


rftLgW9.png   Assistant Chief of EMS

The Assistant Chief of EMS are directly appointed by the Chief of EMS and are the second in command. They holds the overall leadershp and supervision of the department alongside the Chief of EMS. 


WdW13Eh.png   Deputy Chief of EMS

Deputy Chief's are appointed by the Chief of EMS and are responsible for the daily operations of the Office of Operations and Office of Special Operations.. They are also responsible for monitoring the progress of the rest of the command team. 


4dULTIu.png   Commander

A Commander is a senior member of command and are accountable to oversee department operationals in general. The commander is also resposible for overseeing supervisory progress.


GRsrFx6.png   Captain

Captains are appointed by the High Command team and are responsible for overseeing divisional command and ensure they are doing well. They are mid level members of command and holds senior leadership over the department 


IirFIcC.png   Lieutenant

A command officer within the department. They are accountable to oversee supervisors and the department at large. They are involved in high-level conversations about the department along side the ranks above. 


YJIYjf0.png   Lead Paramedic

A Lead Paramedic is a lead supervisor within the department and are overseeing (Senior) Paramedics. They are expected to help the daily operations of the department and champion the creation of new programs where needed. 


7HXaYps.png   Senior Paramedic

Is a senior supervisor within the department and are responsible for supporting paramedics in their daily operation.


KQiWGF0.png   Paramedic

A Paramedic is a supervisor within the department. They are expected to supervise and support EMTs in the field at all times,. They also assists more senior ranks with staff management, perfocmance reviews and associated paperwork. They may commend or reprimend general field staff and can provide feedback for EMT promotions. 


   Junior Paramedic

A Junior Paramedic is a Supervisor in training. During their training period they will be supervisors and are permitted and entrusted with simple supervisory tasks and to attend supervisor meetings. 


Mv83CnF.png   Master EMT

Like EMT Advanced, they are leaders amon the rank and file of the department. They lead by example and set a good standard for lower rank to aspire to. 


VSsPyc0.png   EMT Advanced

Leaders amongst the rank and file of the department. They are able to conduct pre-certifications and approve the EMT for fortification week. 


F1L1cdf.png   EMT Intermediate

The backbone of the department that handles call all over the city. Expected to act professionally and follow the letter and spirit of the Standard Operating Procedures as defined in the LSEMS Manual. They are permitted to conduct public ride-alongs for the civilians of Los Santos. 


7oZBm1U.png   EMT Basic

Newly certified EMTs and are focusing on perfecting the skills learned during their period as an EMR.


7YoM9Vo.png   Emergency Medical Responder

An EMR is a trainee within the department and are 100% focused on training and to get ready for the certification. 


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LSEMS Offices and Divisions

In the LSEMS we have four offices and 9 divisions that specialize in different aspects of medical roleplay. Each office is led by an Office Director that is responsible for overseeing the daily operation and supporting divisional command. 



Office of the Chief

The Chief of the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services is appointed by the Commissioner for Emergency Services and is accountable for strategic command, financial, and operational performance of the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services. Internal Affairs also falls under Office of the Chief. 




Office of Administrations

The Office of Administration is responsible for providing administrative support and is accountable for both the recruitment process and public representation of the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services. It consists of a single hard-working department, taking care of the entire recruitment process and general bookkeeping, Human Resources, with a sub-team, the Relations Team, within it for any and all public affairs of the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services. Human Resources is lead by an appointed head, with an additionally appointed leader for the Relations Team within.



The Human Resources Division is responsible for the entire recruitment process and general bookkeeping. The division also handles resignations, reinstatements, reduction of hours request, background checks and Leave of Absence requests.



The Public Relations Division is responsible for handling the public affairs of the LSEMS. This includes creating newsletters, events and working with other government agencies.



Office of Operations

The Office of Field Operations is responsible for managing the operational performance of the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services on a day-to-day basis and is the very core of the department. Under the direct supervision of the Deputy Chief, this critical office is lead by the Director of Field Operations, and is split into 3 different divisions: Field Training, Fire & Rescue and Air & Rescue. A head is appointed to all three to organize the employees effectively and in a timely manner, to provide the best possible services across the entire island of San Andreas.



Field Training is responsible for the core training process of new employees (EMRs), ensuring that the transition for new employees is as smooth as possible while they progress through the early stages of their EMS careers.



Air & Rescue is responsible for training EMTs on how to quickly and safely rescue injured people from tough to get to areas, with both air and ground rescue vehicles.



Fire & Rescue is responsible for training EMTs on how to become fearless firefighters, ready to handle any situation at any time of day and any time of night. Further, every single Firefighter is trained on how to rescue people, injured or not, from vehicles that have been deformed in accidents & from residential buildings engulfed in flames.



Office of Special Operations

The Office of Special Operations is responsible for the provision of any and all specialist services offered by the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services. This Office is divided into three divisions: Basic Life Support, Crisis Response & Advanced Medicine. Each division is lead by a Head, and the divisional heads are under direct supervision by the Director of Special Operations.
The members of the three divisions make short work of any out-of-the-ordinary request(s) the citizens might have for the LSEMS.



The Crisis Response Unit is responsible for responding to requests regarding mental health crises and providing good treatment for any kind of mental health illness. The staff is trained to work well under pressure and to safely conclude any situation and the time after. 



The Basic Life Support Division is responsible for providing Basic Life Support courses and medical licenses to the civilians of San Andreas. The divisions focus a lot on how to provide the right and best health care when waiting for professional help in any kind of situation.



The Advanced Medicine Unit is responsible for providing advanced medical care for all civilians in the state of San Andreas. The staff is trained to handle everything from general health check-ups to emergency surgery.


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LSEMS 2022 Job Fair

On Saturday, the 27th of August 2022 the LSEMS Public Relations Division held a Job Fair at Vespucci Beach, located at the new LSEMS Lifeguard Tower. Nearly every division was present, showcasing their equipment, personnel, and vehicles. Below, you can find a gallery of pictures taken at the Fair. 












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When the power went out....

On Saturday the 27th of August 2022, there was an explosion at the Palmer Power Plant, leaving the whole of Los Santos in the dark. For the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services, this gave us a handful of new challenges and new ways of conducting our roleplay on a daily basis. We received new ways of conducting check-ups, surgeries, treatment, and hospital management, and at the same time ensuring that we had sufficient power at all times. The San Andreas State Government assisted us with the installation and refilling of an emergency generator, producing enough power for us to keep patients on life support alive whilst conducting other smaller procedures.





Patient Stories
A high-profile prisoner was brought to Pillbox a few days prior to the outage for surgeries and treatment for a life-threatening injury. The female was put on life support to strengthen her body for the second round of surgeries. As first responders were working at the Palmer Power Plant, they realized that she was left unattended at the hospital. The Sheriff's Department was alerted and they blocked off Ward A, not letting anyone unauthorized leave or enter the premises. The inmate survived, but was being attended to by nurses nearly at a 1:1 level. 



Two men were brought to Pillbox MD with serious injuries from a vehicle accident. They both struggled to stay conscious during treatment. Upon arriving, a team of medical professionals was set to treat the patients. Because we were unable to provide proper scanning at the time, the San Andreas Government was contacted to install and refill an emergency generator and an older set of equipment, such as a portable x-ray machine was used. One of the men ended up needing emergency surgery, requiring more power to be provided. Lucky both the patients survived.



A man was brought to Pillbox MD with serious injuries to his leg during the reconstruction of the Palmer Power Plant, but the LSEMS were not able to provide the needed treatment to save the leg in time. He was stabilized overnight, but the following day, the man was in critical condition, and the surgeon had to amputate their right leg to save the man from losing his life. With the right equipment and support, the LSEMS could have saved the limb in time and will continue to pursue this in the time moving forward. 




Monday the 29th of September, the LSEMS, with inspiration from the LSPD the day prior, decided to travel down to City Hall to hand out food and water to the citizens of San Andreas. The employees of the LSEMS spoke to many citizens, listening to their worries and experiences during this time. Many people’s source of food, was the pop-up stands held by the LSEMS and the LSPD. 




Weekly meetings had to be moved out of the hospital area and to public locations that had enough light and space. During the meeting at The Maze Bank Arena, the group had to move outdoors to continue their supervisory and command meetings. 


EMTs had to prioritize ward spaces and where to conduct their services such as surgeries, interviews, therapy sessions, and responses. The elevators were too unstable, leading the EMTs to use the extra time to walk around the whole of Pillbox to switch floors. 






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