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[Change] Hospital drop-off and treatment

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As far as I remember, the script has only allowed players to be dropped off at a hospital to get out of the injured state (if not reviewed by a member of staff). I think it is time to look at other options that can improve the quality of roleplay.

Depending on the cause of the player being in the injured state and how the player decides to roleplay their injuries, the player can be reviewed on the spot and will not need to be taken to the hospital. 

- The player can resume their roleplay after they have been given medical attention for an injury that does not require them to go to the hospital
- The medical personnel can provide more in-depth roleplay on the scene 
- Opens the opportunity for more advanced medical roleplay at the hospital 
- It could potentially lower the number of players bringing an injured player to the hospital in a trunk as they would not always have to go there

Players are held responsible for how they roleplay their injuries, as they will not be allowed to have fallen off a bike going 170mph and only roleplay a bruise on their knee.  They have to follow realistic standards. 

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On 4/19/2022 at 12:46 AM, Papadakis said:

Also, someone should fix this bug that people get stuck in the middle of the ground and we have to tase them.

This could be due to them being Cuffed, not sure. If they die during a /stabilize they also get stuck post-revive.

+1 for the original suggestion!

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Scenario 1:   Big BMX event; "John Joe" wrecks his BMX bike and roleplays /me would have scrapes on knee
Scriptly the player is incapacitated but the medical treatment for this rply would be extremely minor. 

The roleplay happens all at the scene were they were hurt, then they are dragged to pillbox and dropped off with little or no RP on the ride there, which they now sort of miss the BMX event, have to find a ride back because of their scraped knee.  (This is not me stating their is lack of roleplay from the MD employees; more or less there isn't really much for them to do.)

Scenario 2: "John Joe and John Doe get into a firefight, John joe is left with multiple gunshot wounds. A MD unit treats patient in the field, then returns patient to Pillbox, dropping him off at the door of pillbox. When something like this would need a more serious medical Roleplay. 


Suggested change: Allow MD to have certain injuries dictate if they are needed to bring patient to pillbox, or could be treated and left there.  The patients needing to be brought to pillbox, could then be treated with a more detailed RP, that could include maybe surgery/something more major. 

Expected result of change

1.) This opens up more avenues of Roleplay for MD. They could have people who are doctors/surgeons or I have been informed they have a unit for this which is rarely used I believe it was AMU. (If this is used more then I'm aware I have never seen it. 

2.) This would be advantageous for players who are amidst roleplay scenario's that something has occurred but wouldn't normally involve a trip to the hospital. 
"Boxes matches, BMX races, riding their dirt bikes out in the woods ETC.

3.) Would be able to free up MD drivers from being able to reach more people/lowering stress. 



Originally I was going to suggest this unknowingly it has already been suggested, so I've attached my suggestion thread to this one, in hopes it will be viewed again and hopefully implemented one day. 

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