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New Player Questions

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I’m new to the server and haven’t played much GTA V RP, my biggest limiting factor was the small server limits, but then I found Rage has massive servers.

Anyways coming from Arma I’ve never really used text chat for RP. Just some questions on /me and /do. So during a robbery, everyone seems to do /me checks pockets /me succeeds? Is this nessacary? Why can’t I just say over voip, “empty out your pockets”, “let me check your pockets” or some other verbal command. It seems like every time I’m robbed it’s “hands up” and then we stand there in silence doing /me and /do and then he says leave.

(Honestly this is shit RP 4 different gangs have done this to me, were they don’t even add a reason or anything to it) 

Also what’s the reason behind allowing people without mics? It’s the 21st century, and this may be a bit rude, but who doesn’t own a mic? You can pick one up at any convience store built into a pair of ear buds for 10 bucks. You already own a 60 dollar game, on a computer that can run the intensive game.

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