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Vince Torelli

Make a /mail command for in-game OOC private messaging/memos to offline players

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So I'm inspired by a system I've seen implemented in several Minecraft towny servers I've played on. Essentially, the command works like a regular private message, except you can send it to people who are not currently online at the time you are. There would be a basic inbox system which isn't displayed unless mail has been sent to you, which can be read from the text box and replied to or deleted.


My thinking is that the primary benefit of having a mail system in Eclipse RP would be to streamline the process of non-admins delivering important OUT OF CHARACTER messages to people without having to track them down on Discord or the forums. This could also be helpful for coordinating very specific and inter-faction RP events without cluttering Discords.


Only official faction leaders would be able to send memorandums to their own members without having to manually imput each member's name.


A potential kink in this system would be, of course, the risk for people to abuse it by metagaming. However, it is still entirely possible to metagame over Discord to people who are not currently in the session, not to mention the ability to /PM people who are in the same session anyway. A possible way to curb this problem would be to limit the /mail command to players who have over 20k experience.








/mail send John_Smith Remember to respond to the deathmatch report on the forums.




/mail send Jack_Walter, Kevin_Finnerty, Nick_Porter There's an important RP event next Tuesday at 17:00 UTC.




/factionmail send Please read over the new rule changes on the Eclipse forums.

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