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Greetings from a long time role player!

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Hey everyone!


My name is Eric, I've been role playing online for over 10 years in various games like Garry's Mod, MTA, SAMP, Arma 2/3, The Specialists, etc. I have a strong knowledge of role playing etiquette and terminology. For the longest time, I haven't had a computer that was able to play GTA5, but now I am using a cloud gaming service that works flawlessly on my super old laptop, so its like I have the power of a gaming computer.


I'll be purchasing GTA5 in about 3 hours ($20 on sale on Steam!) once I get done with some stuff, and I'll be hopping on the server! I'm very excited to start playing GTA5 role-play, as GTA:SA Role Play just feels so outdated anymore with the graphics and it kind of ruins the immersion. I reckon I'll enjoy this enough to donate possibly even tonight!


Can't wait to see you all in-game, take care!

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