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Legal Factions

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We absolutely need more legal factions. When I was invited here and after roleplaying since 2005 on rockstar franchize games I can tell you there should be more legal factions for people to pick between they make a little bit of money. So I truck around, get a bicycle, a wood cabin to sleep and then what? Join FD/PD/Criminals? Just as an example to what extent the engine of san andreas multiplayer could've offered: You could've had plugins in order to have private radios with real players playing songs if you installed it in your car or house.

-Furniture companies (Newbie level mappers to decorate your household as per your desire and budget), DMV (Licensing for vehicles to give cops more roleplay during traffic patrol stops to check your ID for previous roadway misdemeanors or felonies. As an add-on, you can have premium based generators in case electricity shortcircuits in a part of the town(more down below)

-Mapped city infrastructure destructions that can give way to a faction pertaining to a town hall called city maintenance in which they work cables, tree removals, roadside works, hydrants and so much more.

-Security companies in which you can have CCTV cameras installed in your household to avoid infractions, breaking and entering with a direct connection to LSPD and the company (whoever is online)

-City Hall that can bypass the need of advertising for loans when having entrepreneurial projects and aid when having a project to subsidize financial aid for a project, having city maintenance and riot police department under their jurisdiction.

-LSPD forensics with added new options such as /lastuser after a roleplayed black powder sweep of the car door handles and/or wheel/clutch/household. Ballistics department working together with LSPD. In my few days here I've seen patrols with a single unit in there, which is ludicrous considering they can be downed easily, any police unit should have two POI inside. And of course, forensics can be scripted in case the criminal had gloves with a simple "or else" "then".

-We have new vehicles brought up by rockstar on a monthly basis. Companies for city tours with blimps, planes, helicopters. Projects that can be subsidized by the town hall and part of the proceeds can go through taxation to the town hall which in turn can use the money to pay the city maintenance and unions thus creating a more robust economy.

-No fires, means no firetrucks, no fire department roleplay. Simple to script and the item fire exists in the game already, so it's not impossible to put a fire, give it an intensity, a period of time to burn, and a reaction to various types of solutions used by FD such as foam or water. You don't want water on ammonia meth labs.

-Companies making industrial equipment that would actually require an added faction for transporting and installing them. A hospital needs a metal detector so that Billy the Kid doesn't enter an operation room like I did yesterday trying to find, like a noob, /heal area. 

-Correctional Officers and jails with jail roleplay and all that it can control. Let's have some prison architect.


I could go on and on, but I just gave a voice to some ideas that can be easily implemented and give any of us more of a choice than just criminal, PD or EMT and I say this as a person interested in EMT. If this suggestion is to any help for any dev interested, I am more than happy to collaborate in further elaborating on any of the aforementioned points. 

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