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Nakamura Dynasty

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Starting off a business is a difficult task and for Yuki Nakamura, she wanted to try out her skills. She reached out to her close friends and asked if they needed anything doing. Kourtney Lafleur and Brayton Williams jumped to the opportunity to have their properties decorated at a low price.  For Yuki it was all about the experience and to test her own skills! 




After building her first two houses, she got amazing reviews, and she decided to set up the business licence and put her spare time into this new adventure!


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After a short time, Yuki started getting some attention. She was happily surprised when Asbjorn SchmidtHazel Adams & Don Mozzarella reach out to her. They wanted to set up part of their property as a nightclub/party vibe. So she got started with a little help from Kourtney Lafleur & Aimee Koal, since it was her first big project!


Since this was her first big job, Yuki wanted to make sure it went right. So, she created a design for her clients to see and make any changes they think they need!



The clients were happy with this and Yuki got to work. After 2 months of hard work and a lot of construction, the property started to turned out great! She has to say she was proud of the work she created and was looking forward to seeing this place being used in the future. 




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At this point, Nakamura Dynasty was at a steady influx of clients. However, one of her biggest clients was Paulo Witherfork and his company Assured Services. 

He had a property that was partially constructed by a previous builder. However, this builder was no longer around her providing those services, so he reached out to Yuki



She worked on their offices for many months and built a good business relationship with the company. Their business project grew to the point Paulo helped Yuki with any other services she needs. Even giving her a large donation to help pay toward her business property!


Nakamura Dynasty worked hard on Assured Services for 3/4 months. All her spare time away from DOC went into this building and her client is more than satisfied with the result! 

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An old friend from DOC, Brayton Williams, wished to have their new apartment decorated and looking like a real bachelor pad. He just got a job in SD and wanted to celebrate by getting a place that feels like a home. All he asked for is somewhere to listen to music and chill with his friends. Maybe a nice place to bring female friends home.



It was a small, but lovely job for Yuki to do. She was so used to big and large projects, she was able to take some time for an old friend. He was more than happy with the result! He even commented how he can have friends over now that his apartment has been updated to a "fresh" style.





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What is more difficult than setting up a business? Having a family and a job while setting up the business. Yuki understood this would be a new challenge for her, and it would take a lot of organisation for her to feel like she had a handle on it all! Balancing a family life and work life can be hard for anyone, but throwing in a business too! Yuki always has a schedule filled each week! 




Yuki has big plans for her business and with the interior design growing more each day, she really has to keep herself set! Even with her new job, she needs to keep that balance.


Yuki understand that there is more that goes into a business, and she really believes that asking advice and support is the only true way of completely some important tasks. Nakamura Dynasty's goal is to reach into other aspects of business, which means a lot of changes and updates to licencing.  She sat down with Jose Dyer, going through each step she needs to take; keeping her paperwork aspect in check! 


He was super helpful! He even answered all questions Willowick and Solomon had about their business adventures!

With this advice, she took the time to adjust her business from a stand-alone company, to a parent company. And allowed her to set up Drinkamura! The new teashop to hit the city of Los Santos soon!



All new exciting experiences ahead of Nakamura Dynasty and this only feels like the beginning!

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Yuki has had a busy few weeks with making progress on a project for the commissioners and working on her new business adventure with her tea shop! However, Yuki recently added to her work load by helping out some close friends with a very special project. 


She met with Kourtney and soon started to design a brand-new high command office! This place would serve as a private place for all supervisor+ to discuss big changes and keep confidential information of all. They were looking for a lot of offices and a meeting room that could fit all their wonderful superior staff. 


With her hard hat, Yuki got to work putting together the wishes of her close friend and Warden of the DOC. She started with main area of importance. The meeting room. This room would need to hold so many people and be able to provide a private place for those who use it. 


Yuki completed the main section of the property with the help of Kourtney and the other command. They made suggestions as she went along, which Yuki gladly accepted. And, she kept going till she had a design that all the offices would enjoy! 

However, Yuki now has a bigger task ahead of her. 



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With plans and hard work coming together, Yuki can finally see some big changes coming to the company! For the past 2 months she has been finishing up small details for her tea shop, Drinkamura. 


There has been plenty of placing, planning, paining and hammering to get this place to the perfect look. With each project, Yuki loves to take her time. And this project was extra special for her. Finally her plans of bringing more Asian culture to the city was becoming real. 


All her hard work was paying off! She had her license ready! Next step was getting the shop checked over by the government. Yuki would make all necessary checks and precautions to get this place running. So, with the help of Hector Price and Solomon Cobb, she give them a small tour. Showing them the fire-exit, sprinklers, first-aid kits and fire extinguishers! 


Her property passed! And she was ready to move on to the next step! Getting all the ingredients and food for the opening day. 

A big party of this shop was the range of sushi options for customers to try. This meant she would need a large source of fish. She knew the best place to start, which was the pier!


She spoke to the local fisherman about giving them a bigger profit for the fish they sold to the restaurant. Yuki wanted to provide for these hard working citizens a lot more for their labour and fresh fish! She would provide these local fishermen/fisherwomen with her number and have them drop off the fish, before paying them a large amount of money for each fish they got! It was an absolute win for everyone! 

Yuki is just one step closer to opening her tea shop! 



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