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More Animations & XM Radio

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What's everyone's opinions on the current animations possible? Personally I would like to see a couple more to add more immersion and possible extra variety to actions we could perform.

Some suggestions I could think of would be:

Drink from glass (not sure if a bottle one is already in) animation - to add immersion to drinking in bars.

More dance animations - Recently seen a post on the forums attempting to make the Vanilla Unicorn a hub. It would be good to add possible player created jobs such as strippers that would be paid by the club owner (this is a model I've seen work on other RP servers such as LSRP). It would be good to add a couple seductive dances/striptease dance to keep a variety.

Vehicle animations - Animations that you could do in vehicles such as rest your arm on the window sill or a lean back on a motorcycle when its idle.

Smoke or drink animation possible when sitting - This could be added as a separate anim such as /anim sitonbenchsmoke or you could possibly join animations such as /anim smoke and /anim sitonbench (this seems like it would require more scripting since it would probably require a rework of the current anim system).


I enjoy seeing people with the current anims such as the lean when walking around LS, possibly a larger variety would encourage people to use animations more frequently.


MX Radios:

I've also seen a couple servers (GTA:W and LSRP) use MX/XM radios (or something along those lines) allowing players to modify their car to play real music streamed from a website IG inside their car or inside a club/bar. It also synced the music heard by the players within a car which could add possible moments of RP where everyone is just jamming along to a tune. I think it would be a cool addition to the server, its probably already been planned.

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