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Freyja Hrolfr

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Freyja Hrolfr



Hey, I am Freyja Hrolfr, and this is my story...


Parents Death

I had a bad childhood, when I was three years old both my parents died cause of a explosion, The house next to us contained a big drug lab, And the people
Cooking the drugs did something wrong and 5 houses exploded, Me and my brother only survived cause we ware playing in our parents basement. My brother had no injuries but. I substained burn wounds. From that moment on, I wanted to become a firefighter. However, That would take many more years.


My Brothers End

My brother had to support us, However he was only 17 years old, So the money he made was never enough for both off us. So he started hanging out with the Angels of Death MC, He became a patched member and earned alot of money from drugs, The same drugs that killed our parents. He was killed when I was 12, from a shoot out with The LOST MC, while he was with his "Brothers" in Liberty city, There entire club house was blown up. and his body was burned away.


Medical School.

Since my brothers death, I had a hard time, I was on my own, But my bad luck soon changed to good luck, when a local docter took me in, He saw I had skills in the medical platform And he started to teach me his skills. When I was 15 we moved to Los Santos, I was signed in to medical school and stayed there untill I was 18, From my 16th to 18th, I took a small job as a taxi driver for the DCC, I also dressed up as a clown for birthday parties for extra cash. But I rather not talk about that.

When I became 18, I got a internship at the Pillbox hill Medical Center, And I was accepted for a full time job as a EMR, I learned everything a EMR can learn, and became
A EMT-B a year later, and started to do full time ambulance work, In my off time I studied to become a firefighter, But that would take 5 more years. In my first year
I got promoted to EMT-I and worked even harder, Not just 2 years later I became EMT-A, and soon after learned how to fly the medical helicopter and started to do alot of fly work for the hospital. And although I was never the best pilot, I managed to survive.



Life Goal Achieved

I finaly did it, I became a full time firefighter/medic. Got my new badge and started to go to work right away!
Although our team is small, You probebly have seen me driving around town in our awsome firetrucks







-Freyja Hrolfr

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