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  1. Leonardo Harris here, I acknowledge that there is an echo present in Letov(95)'s voice, at the time of the recording I was in a discord call with Letov(95) and another friend who was not on Eclipse at the time. Normally when I get home from work I join my friends private discord to hangout with my friends, some of us play different games while on Eclipse. If discord chat gets too loud I often deafen myself to focus on the game and I'm able to stay in character. I would like to make it known, that I do not miss use discord to metagame and ruin the role-play experience for myself and for others. I overread the rules and didn't see anything about discord being against the rules unless used for metagaming purposes which my friends and I never do on discord.
  2. Leonardo Harris (22) here, I do have video evidence of my friend Letov(95) being hit by this mans car. From my standpoint the man is obviously seen turning into Letov(95) as he was driving by. Then I am seen rushing to my car to attempt to block the man from leaving the pier just in case if the police couldn't get on scene on time. You can see the officer rushing over to speak to the man which is when I get into my car and block off the area, this is when he tries to flee squeezing past me the after hitting the officer wedging himself against the sign then I pushed him up against it further holding him there until more help arrives. Or the officer could apprehend the man.
  3. Leonardo Harris here, from my point of view when I heard about the three offenders run into in the halls of solitary over the radio (as heard from badge#696 in the video) I was walking through the intake hallway. Immediately I began to rush towards the cell block to assist 138 and 237 attempting to remove them from solitary. I ran into the cell block (failing to mention it to dispatch) and rushed up the stairs looping around the catwalk to get to the double doors of solitary. Before I could reach the doors I turned back and noticed offenders following me down the catwalk. I then drew my taser from my belt yelling at the inmates to stay back until the situation was under control. at that time I turned around to get to solitary to assist 138 and 237 when I was punched in the face and fell to the ground injured. I do not have any video evidence to add to this report as I was not told told to save a video of the situation. As for prior interaction with 144, there wasn't much conversation between 144 and I. On another instance I have been injured once before by 144 while he was first entering cell block on a different charge. I have never verbally/physically disrespected 144, therefore I cannot explain the actions demonstrated by 144 in the video above.
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