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  1. Im just confused as how you can accuse me of NONRP with no actual video proof of me dumping your car. you have no proof. again it wasnt intentional. i got hit by a bus and i didnt save pov because you never messaged me to
  2. im not a noob crim. i would have chopped your car if it wasnt for me getting rammed off the road lmao. like i said wheres your proof man?
  3. you made the report and never told me to save pov. Innocent until proven guilty do you have PROOF of me driving your car intentionally into the water?
  4. do you have any proof of me intentionally dumping your car? cuz im confused
  5. hey poppy steinberg here. So i didnt mean for the vehicle to get in the water :(. i was driving it towards a chop shop in sandy and then a friend alerted me on the radio that the guy was following me and going to the sandy direction. I then turned the vehicle around and started heading back towards bayview. I got struck by a bus and the car flew into the water. I tried for a while to get it out (thats why he wasnt able to see it on the map for so long) but i couldnt get it out :(. Im not sure what im being accused of tbh, Is it just because the car was in the water? Because if so it was not intentional.
  6. ID 35 (Poppy Steinberg) here, Lucas basically summed up what happened as far as leading up to the point of the shooting. she used a racial slur and we asked her multiple times AT the pier what her reasoning was. She ignored us and one kid who wasn't involved with the chase aspect even had a bat out asking her what her deal was. She then ran to her car ignoring us and taking off. We followed her asking her what her deal was and just to pull over and talk. WE HAD NO INTENTION TO ROB HER. She ignored VC and our RP the entire time we had her pulled over. Also you mention its "non rp" to block her. I cant speak for every person in the world obviously but if someone said something blatantly racist to a friend of mine I would follow them and block them. I think the biggest Non rp problem that should be looked at is her literally ramming Max as hes attempting to type a /do. Then her driving away after being shot in the head 3 times. As far as reasoning for shooting, ID 149 gave me no other option as they were literally VDMing Max and I shot her so she couldnt do it again or get away. Shooting the passenger was a mistake I will admit 100%. In the moment I just shot him because he was in the car and attempted to run away after shots were fired at him. We gave ID 149 MULTIPLE chances to try to talk to us and resolve the situation but then she decided to run and ignore RP. Also I want to point out that a community that promotes/ allows racist people like this to play on the server is not a community we all should be striving for. If you want to allow people to say stuff like that then the person who said it should be completely willing to accept the consequences ICLY. Thank you staff for taking the time to read my side I hope we can all come to a fair conclusion.
  7. youre referring to me being in discord with 1 friend who doesnt even own gta lmao. i was streaming as he enjoys watching me play. he said "no im not" mocking her to me.
  8. no one tried to rob her? when did we ever ask for money? we wanted her to step out then she attempted VDM
  9. also meant to point out that ID 149 had no consent for RacistRP.
  10. Player(s) being reported: 149,478,19 Date of interaction reported: 03/09/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: https://prnt.sc/10gqtla Your character name: Poppy Steinberg Other player(s) involved: Maximus Jacobs, Lucas Benton, ID 155. (victimes and witnesses) Specific rule(s) broken: Player 149 NonRP for driving her car while downed in the front seat. 478 and 19 for DM (killed without any demands and killed a bystander) How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum) Maximus Jacobs, Lucas Benton and myself were chasing ID 149 from the pier as she called another player the N word. We were asking her to get out of the car repeatedly the entire way and she refused and kept driving poorly. Then we eventually got her to stop and asked her to get out even more. She ignored our commands and didnt speak in VC at all. Then I said to Max to just go and pull her out and he walked up opened the door and began to type then all of a sudden she just starts driving into him and ramming our cars. So I got out and shot her and her passenger Max was able to get up and help as well. Then we start getting blasted from behind by ID's 478 and 19 without any demands at all. ID 155 was watching this all happen next to us as he had either just spawned in near us or came out of Del Perro Heights. He had nothing to do with it and he gets blasted and finished as well. Lucas Benton has his POV as well as mine. Evidence of rule breach: My POV: https://streamable.com/mmvgh5 (sorry its so short my shadowplay can only do 30 seconds or else it just crashes my game) Lucas Benton's POV:
  11. hey Poppy Steinberg here (the one robbing) The only reason i shot him is because when he took off his radio it showed "*toggles radio*" above his head. I immediately thought it meant he was about to talk on radio. i see now in the video that was not what he was doing and im sorry for killing you with no valid reason man! i have all of your items still and would be more than ok with giving them back.
  12. Player(s) being reported: ID 188 Date of interaction reported: 2/6/20201 Unix time stamp from HUD: 6:10ish pm EST Your characters name: Poppy Steinberg Other player(s) involved: Jordan Pyror ID 279 (Witness), ID 232 Toll worker (Witness) Specific rule(s) broken: VDM How did the player break the rule(s)? Dude literally drove into me then payed the toll and left Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/vp431u
  13. Its so common you could literally ask anyone on the pier what they think of you. Pick someone at random, they will all say how much of a troll you are.
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