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  1. Character name(s): Joe Peralta Admin who issued punishment: Kat Date of punishment: 14/04/2021 Punishment received: DM#1 Reason given for punishment: Attacking another player in jail for poor reasoning / no dm rights. Your explanation of what happened: Me and another player were trying to rob two other guys in the prison for a hat/1000 stamps. The two players didn't want to lose their stuff so they started to punch me and my friend. We beat up both of them before more people tried to help the two individuals by starting to punch me and my friend. Another guy hit my fri
  2. This is untrue, you can get additional charges/sentence while DOC. https://gyazo.com/09ae894c2510ed0902e8a5e7adb36006 If I did that mody would beat me up after the lockdown and I would look like a "pussy" thats why you don't hide in DOC. When everyone except me and Bo were injured there was way more than two officers standing at the front desk, In the past I have seen Yuki and other doc guards shoot a bullet in the air while telling people to get away but you did not do such thing, you just waited for the fight to end and did nothing. Since most of people fighting were
  3. Hello, this is Joe Peralta. First I want to thanks @kitkatkait for taking the report. Secondly sorry for a late response I was notified In game but when I checked the reports made that day I didn't see anything, I made a /report 1 but I was told that they probably taged the wrong player so I ignored the notification. I don't have my POV as I was never told to save it or that a report will be made against me. I would IA report the officer myself but the footage would probably be invalidated either way because it doesn't make sense to have a body cam in prison. So if I remember the day corr
  4. So you are suggesting that criminal imports should be removed and only a small group of players (even smaller than now) can make weapons and armor ? So this "Anonymous character" would have to gather all the materials which I assume would be time consuming and on top of that having a timer for creating weapons don't you think he will sell it for more than 20-30% margain or would you just force them to sell them for a set price when they put all that work into creating these weapons and you could not obtain them another way unless you PVP ? For the second part im assuming you have n
  5. I never said that, a random that was waiting to get his car repaired jumped on your car and you pulled out your gun. How would you be able to see me checking my glovebox if the car windows are tinted? You cannot circle in and out of a shotout while being actively shoot at. After the initial exchange you never shoot again for the rest of the "gunfight", as far as I am aware de-sync is not caused by "connection problems" Demands from vehicle to vehicle are invalid, cops won't start shooting at you after they tell you to pull over twice.
  6. Thanks @SnapsOP for your quick response and thank you @Skiperz and @MarcoD for taking this report Like I said I first met ID 30 and his group couple of days ago when his group injured me at city parking, I later saw them at oil fields and took out two of their members that injured me at city parking. I saw ID 30 outside low-end and asked him if he could take off his mask, he never did and quickly got irritated by me asking him to take his mask off while making up BS excuses, eventually he drove infront of me and pulled out his gun. I followed him to LS bank where he re-logged and drove aw
  7. Player(s) being reported: ID 261 and ID 30 Date of interaction reported: 19.47 CET Unix time stamp from HUD: https://gyazo.com/e7be76b3dd4a9ba7f0793bbf9f0ce76d Your characters name: Joe Peralta Other player(s) involved: ID 261 and ID 31 Specific rule(s) broken: - Prior interaction should include escalation such as a robbery or a report to the police. - Players on foot should only be attempted to be hit with a vehicle once with valid motive. - Vehicles cannot be used as weapons in active shootouts unless where unavoidable. - Mixing IC and OOC info
  8. Hello this is Joe Peralta aka "the victim", thank you @Dalvichan and @RogueK for taking this report I didn't want to report the reported players because I think that the punishment will not teach them anything. I have the footage of ID295 robbing me to start things off and then them shooting at me. So I was waiting for mechanics at my permastalled bike when I decided to run to LSC because it was taking way toooo long. As I was pasing money job hq ID 295 attempted to rob me. ID295 pulled up to me on his bike and gave me demads which I followed and got on my knees. A weazel news emloyee pas
  9. Hello everyone this is Joe Peralta, thanks to @Doan and @Aieos for taking this report. I unfurtunately don't have the footage because it corrupted so I only have couple of screenshots from the end of conversation. With that out of the way let me start from the begining. I first saw ID122 outside the apartment complex 4 and he came to me. His first words were "why are you copying after me" He parked his car and unparked his elegy which I thought it looked similar but @Austin Jonas kept saying that they are identical. I told him that the car looks nothing like my elegy and thats how
  10. VikiV

    Ban questions

    Hey, I knew your character "Stig Stone" and had an okay experience for the most part so I will tell you my honest experience from my appeals. I was banned mid november for RWT which is a serious offense and even tho I didn't buy super cars my first appeal was concluded and rejected in 4 days. You should be always polite to the admin that banned you and just like @Harvs pointed out you shouldn't be lying in the report because it will just take more time for them to reopen the investigation again and ask you some more questions, etc, etc. If you first appeal gets rejected they w
  11. If the change would be implemented mechanics would lose some of their work and would make them less useful as well as take any sort of activity that involves going outside bayview/lsc away from them for the most part. Thats why the “car repair class” would give them something else to do other than just sitting around all day and using couple of /me’s and /do’s. Unlike BLS you would need a repair kit bought at the store as well some sort of a mechanics license. You would have to apply for the “car repair class” online just like you have to for the BLS license. Once you attend the class and
  12. Hello everyone, With the latest changes on eclipse RP it seems that more and more updates are added just for "official factions" and not for a low end criminal just starting out. I have an idea that was inspired mostly by @Bala's recent post about cayo perico island that would involve couple of new "freelance" jobs for low end criminals just starting out. The jobs would be high risk - high reward, not rewarding enough that it would make anything else irrelevant but good enough that most of the people trying to get into crime would consider them. Jobs would be hidden
  13. VikiV

    Bag volume

    So when you buy a bag it has 100 volume, it takes 10volume in your inventory but when you put something in thet bag with 10volume or less it won't show 20 but instead the default value of the bag which is 10 or the bag itself. That means that if you have 5 bags you can put all of them bag inside one bag. So you could put 100bags inside one "main" bag and basicaly get 1000volume worth of bags into one bag. P.S: You can probably get banned for it for glitch abuse and English is not my 2nd language so there can be spelling errors and some sentances don't make sense at all,
  14. Well at the time i didn't know you couldn't lie in /do's. I can't deny it and i wont so if you have to punish me do so, people learn with their mistakes and this will remind me not to lie in /do's in the future. Thanks
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