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  1. Just don't do civilian things, that's where the pettiest of criminals are at. You'll never see any of the big gangs hunting or fishing unless they're chilling or someone is off on their own. Doing civilian jobs or being alone in general just drives petty crimes, go with a friend when hunting, be next to a big group of fisher and eventually join a faction.
  2. Joe Kujo had originally migrated from Vice City due to a popular online presence the Los Santos Motorcycle Club had in his home. Interested in this, he packed his bags with some cousins and left Vice City. A new man to the city, Kujo would spend the majority of his time fishing and came across many interesting people, one being Bruce Hensley, a member of the LSMC. Fast forward many struggling months, Kujo had decided it was time to leave due to changes he did not agree with. Kujo had joined Los Santos Customs previously to try to earn some money and with this new availability
  3. Welcome, I came from role-playing on SAMP as well, was Senior Admin in one of the now dead servers and migrated over to a popular SAMP server that's still active but lacks content. Big difference in the SAMP and RageMP Communities but I'm sure you'll enjoy your time much more here than you ever did during your time on SAMP.
  4. Welcome, Takes a bit of time to get used to everything command wise but, give it a week of playing and you'll understand majority of everything. You'll learn more things command and server-wise as you keep going. Just keep in mind you won't be using all commands all the time.
  5. How am I just now finding the post of the origins of Sir Travis? Can't wait to see more of this!
  6. Saw you guys a bit ago in the pier with a ton of motorcycles, presence is definitely high.
  7. Fuckin' love interacting with you guys. Three times I've bumped into you now on a span twenty-four hours.
  8. @Rukicake will always give you a quickie if you ask correctly.
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