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  1. I was driving down and I saw the medic aim a gun and shoot towards my boy (white top), I instantly parked my car and got a better angle then took out the medic.
  2. You weren’t even involved in the reason of why the medic was killed, not sure why you’re handling someone else’s business.
  3. In the first video, the door was about to open and I assumed the feds were going to RP getting me out. Second video, I explained above, someone shot towards me while I was running and I did not notice the shotgun due to the fact that I was looking behind, I put my handsup at the top of the stairs near the entrance, once I realised there was about 3-4 police officers near me with heavy weapons.
  4. 242 here. I was honestly watching behind and confused that one of the officers tried to shoot at me while I had no gun in possession, I was looking behind trying to figure out where the bullet came from. @Maison_Smart Can you approve that there was a bullet from prior from this situation, approximately 5 seconds prior you holding your gun. This gun shot drawed my attention and I did not look forward, I was looking behind, then I realised that Maison was behind me and I put my handsup at top.
  5. My vent magically disappeared over night, including a whole safe containing AK's and pump shotguns, and of course I stay in the new luxury apartments.
  6. My name is Jazz Thomax (one of the players who disconnected), you have one person aliased so you know which one is who now by ID. Crash report evidence Dwayne Playa came back in game and PM'd you as you stated. Jazz Thomax (me) was unable to come in game but I clarified myself on crash reports and another method by going in game when able to and turning my self in, naming the officers involved. I hope this clarified the situation.
  7. Yes, I did not login due to my reasons above, therefore the report is against me (whichever ID that is). If you would like, we can continue the roleplay when you are next in game.
  8. Hi, I have to say, it was not me who logged in due to my internet failing on me in an unfortunate time. As you stated, one of the players did log in and I assume it would have been Dwayne as the other party (me) was unable to come back in game after stating multiple times within the discord (crash-reports) that my internet is failing. As soon as I was able to, I logged into the server and headed down to the police department and reported the incident OOCly to an officer, I put enough effort into 'continuing the roleplay' as I even called 911 at the police station which caused another officer to arrive at the scene for me. I stated the police officers name who was on the scene, and I can definitely understand your frustration and why you have proceeded to post a forum complaint against me, I hope you understand that I have followed the following rules: Players who disconnect during roleplay must reconnect and inform other parties in order to resume roleplay. Our official discord server has a channel dedicated to game crash notifications and you should post here with a valid reason for being unable to return. And did in fact, complete the steps: must reconnect and inform other parties in order to resume roleplay game crash notifications Note: It was already 5 AM when the incident occurred. After 7 minutes, the officer gave his final decision in OOC chat and I went along. Due to the current times, my service provider hasn't been able to provide me satisfactory service to stabilise my connection but it is what it is. A video is currently uploading, proving that my statements above are factual and not just sound like I am waffling, if you can wait around 40 minutes from this post. @Christopher Martinez @Timmaayy Edit: Jazz Thomax
  9. Hi, I am deeply profound that you had to find your way to post a complaint against me, I'm the last person that would want to make a player feel downed and displeased, 5 minutes before both of the videos, there was a situation where an administrator was involved regarding another incident (I was wrongfully killed). I was teleported by an administrator without question to the scene, while the complainant was watching me, once I was teleported back to the vehicle, the black elegy began following me to the apartment area. I was displeased as I was teleported without being asked and once I got back, the player had the motive to rob me, if you look at it in my perspective I was taken out of RP into an OOC scene, then placed back into RP and obviously I wouldn't expect to be robbed. (first video): The situation was replayed by an administrator which lead to video 2. (video 2): I tapped the speak button on my radio just before the player exited the vehicle and said the same lines I repeated once he got out, if the complainant would upload 10-20 more seconds, you can clearly see that I complied and he held me at gun point, once the complaint aimed the gun to my face fully I stopped using the radio, he even made me walk around the apartments and decided to eliminate me at the end. Again, I am appal the thought of fear RP as I complied with the person who held the gun to my face right after he cut the video, as I said above, he held me at gun point and continued his RP. (evidence: look at the second video chat, it proves that it was being replayed)
  10. JazzyThomax


    *** Jazz "Wyatt" Thomax STORYLINE Jazz Thomax, a 26 year old who served in the secret military for appropriately 4 years. Jazz is not some ordinary veteran, they hired him to the duties which cannot be authorised by homeland, Jazz was given tasks that were in denial and that were never officially sanctioned. The duties Jazz were given are ruthless and gruesome, Jazz was sent to eliminate and extract information from the top the people who pose a Code-19 RED level threat, in other words, ghosts. (P1) ** Jazz Thomax "Mastermind" Jazz retired from the military and black ops duties, then bounced from job to job, starting as a mechanic to a medic.. the suffering Jazz went through does not stop, every night when he slides one foot into bed-.. the nightmares appear, slicing throats, slicing ears to torture Afghans.. scraping their toe nails off one by one until they talk. (P2) * Jazz Thomax "Ruthless" Head Operations office of the CIA decided to eliminate Jazz from the map to ensure that no words of the following events are ever released to the public, Jazz created a lot of enemies in different countries due to the missions he was sent to do.. the government tried countless times to eliminate Jazz but all failed, Jazz was trained to counter everything and everyone. Kingpin Lance Slash found out about the hit on Jazz-.. Lance approached Jazz and reached out his right hand-.. and said "This is your chance" ..- without hesitation, Jazz reached forward as he grabbed his hand and held it tight and said "Here we fuckin' go". (P3) ** Jazz Thomax "Daring" Jazz Thomax, is now a 27 year old young blood stood beside Murdablock' as he stands to eliminate every law enforcement officer that surfaces, and any other rival gang member that poses a threat to Murdablock'. (P4) *** Jazz Thomax "Throat Cut" Jazz Thomax represents Murdablock' **** ((Credits to @Vubey for the pictures))
  11. The issue has been happening for the moment I joined Eclipse RP, I have not been able to fix the following issue and it has been frustrating.
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