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  1. sorry it toke me along time to anser he toke a mule and sold it
  2. rako112 its my alt account when i got banned cjaha used my account with out my permission he had my account details he used it to take my belongings ShakarSnip and shakarloser are the same person, and Laso and mrhiwa are different they got nothing to with mess
  3. hi bakmeel thanks for answering so basically we are all friends and we live in same city and we are playing together all the time best of regards, raji_maji
  4. Character name(s): Raji Maji Admin who issued punishment :bakmeel Date of punishment: 05/27/2020 Punishment received:perm ban Reason given for punishment: ban evaving Your explanation of what happened: basically i was playing like any other day and i got banned in middle of a game session and im still confused why that happened i need an explanation, and i got unbanned like a less then a week ago Why should your appeal be accepted?: because its a mistake i did not use any other accounts other then mine, and i got unbanned recently why would i break any rule , the reason why need to be unbanned i think its a mistake that i got banned best of regards, raji_maji
  5. raji_maji

    ID 196 PG

    Hi @kitkatkait i was not aware of that RULE i cant use my car as a weapon in an active shoot out im sorry i broke rule im kinda new to shoot out and that kind of stuff with my regards Raji_Maji
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