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  1. standard inside 210k at door nice area out the hood
  2. buying rapid gt phone number is 4673489
  3. -1 scamming does happen in real life on phone door step scamming etc etc etc its illegal yes but does happen
  4. https://prnt.sc/rf6yht theres the bank fighting look at time happened hour or so before hand guy 235 relogged went outta town dced i donno come bk in same close still no mask so was identifyed at bank player 235 so it was moved down the street so i go back to the question of how did this guy get into the roleplay as he was never in the rping for the day but as u can see was planning to shot me it was never answered
  5. https://streamable.com/edit/sfwc1 was recorded from him just now from though discord screen viewer as tanner didnt no how to do it was after we court up with him at mors after he asked my guy in white novak to give him a lift down to mors after stealing my brawler at high end and chased him about
  6. tanners got the fear rp one me and car being stolen i was happy to rp it all out so didnt feel i needed to
  7. well we did have justable course as your boy 235 we been rping with him best part of the day he fear rp us at mors after doing the bug were i get in he got in at same time. tanner has video off the fear rp we was fighting up at bank which a few people got kicked couple my guys did by a adminand was making threats about his boys and told us to wait for his boys and this will be resolved in and I open fire on 235 so what justible course you have being there I would like to no unless you was the guys that 235 made threats he was getting to shoot us up explains the guns and you chasing the novak about till i had that clear shot and going by that was said in normal rp about you going to shot them faggots eg us is threats and justifyed by 235 making threats at bank and telling us to waiting for you guys then this will get resolved gotta love how you guys walked into a ambush and cry about it maybe ask people next time your crew how many guys were there the cars etc etc as was 4 and one disappered were i was dropped off to get ready 5 minutes before hand /me opens box of tissues and hands it to you /do does he take ?
  8. basiclly just got asked to help clap some people eg us and got dragged into the situation
  9. so this guy that made this was never there from the hole of it start basiclly got invoild just before shotting went down as he crewed up with player 235 to take us out after 235 had to balls to leave the bank area as the ambush went down wasnt there when 235 was treating us at bank wasnt there when a few guys stated beating on 235 at bank or the hold mor insurance thing but see he loves to make posts and cry when he didnt no what was going on
  10. and thinking about it there was fighting at the bank and a few guys one my guys included were kicked at the bank ( by a admin) for fighting in which we pre planned a ambush as was told it wasnt allowed there thats when the threats were made to us by 235 in which he said wait for my boys to come and we sort it and come away from bank and a ambushed was planned and 235 was the main guy in the situation and my guys all got threats amde at them too from 235 at the bank so all the rest apart from 235 and me and my guys in the novak were only ones really in the situation from start yet as you can see they all were gonna shot us and was never in the situation in the first place jsut 235 asked him for help and they all got invoild so yeah seems to me they were planning to dm us in the first place as it was between us guys in novak and 235 not all the others including this guy he was never there thought it all so but it was him that made there report this guy was one the guys that 235 told us he was calling his boys to come help him and kills us all at bank when 235 was smack talking us and making threats so had no cause to be there he got called to help 235 into a situation he knew nothing about kinda love how people now when feel alittle butt hurt clip what there want to but the chat as you can see by the whispers they were planning to shot us first but they walked into a ambush and there e gos must be alittle dented so have cryed on here
  11. and as you can see by there chat they were talking saying lets go do we no these kids and calling us faggots and there plans were to shot us as you can see by there whispers so yeah sounds to me after seeing there videos they are a little butt hurt walking into a pre planned ambush with a ak and thinking about it about half hour before couple people were kicked from server for fighting at bank when they were fighting with 235 for the mors and the taking of my chrome brawler theift one of my group included by a admin which lead to a ambush being pre planned and they walked into
  12. heres the story 235 did the bug glitch to steal my car at high end as i was entering car i just brought so we chased him about it was reproted to officers and police so if got file to that your see it we then got him at mors were there was a gun to his head and he fear rp he was told multi times to get out thought nothing of it then at bank 235 was whispering theats he was offered to take this away from bank he then continued to threatern me and my group when his boys were there so we set up a ambush which they followed the white novak to the ambush point were the rp continued to play out and the novak did multiple circles till i had a cleaner shot and i got a cleaner shot as for id 39 he was part of the situation and as for him firing on first i donno he had threats mate on him as well at the bank by them all and fired when shots were fired by me first as 39 was the one that pulled the gun at player 235 at mors and demanded him to get out the car 3 4 times with gun pointed at his head when 235 did fear play first sounds to me like hes a little butt hurt walking into ambush and as for not speaking it was all preplanned at the bank not my fault is they dont reliease we go from 4 to 3 people and 2 cars to 1 car as i was dropped to the place 5 minutes earlyer and got in place minutes earlyer as u can see the circled a few times for me to notice and get a cleaner shot onto the 235 player before i opened fire the signs of the ambush was there and i was sitting waiting and i only open fired as you saw when i had a clean shot on player 235
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