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  1. Sad to see us go like that. But I am very grateful for Santa, Dave, Bernardo, Bobby and Teejay for accepting me into La Familia. Even tho I wasn't in La Familia for a long time it has always been a pleasure and super fun to roll deep with y'all all the way back when GD was here and now when I got in. Thank you so much y'all the best. -Jamelli Mendoza
  2. Issue Being Reported: I would like to change my forum name from "RacistPieces" to "SH0TT0". Thank you Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 24/JAN/2021
  3. ID 76 - Jamelli Mendoza is here. I admit to shooting out of the passenger seat. I should have been more cautious of the rules, I have been switching through many servers and have forgot the little details of some of the rules in this server. That is no excuse though, I take full responsibility for my wrongful actions against the opposing party. I was asked to save my POV but unfortunately he had told me too late. I record with GeForce experience's instant replay option. This allows me to record all the time but save when I need to freeing some of my PC space. I do not have a close to good PC so I can only save in 5 minute segments. This takes about 1.9 GB to process the clip to get it to record all the time and save when I want. So in my POV it will only be 5 minutes from whatever I was doing at the time to when I got a PM about saving my POV. I hope the opposing party can forgive me on my actions. POV: https://streamable.com/tk5vi9 My settings for GeForce Experience: https://imgur.com/YLgHk2C
  4. In another server that I mainly play on the rules of VDM is different so I used my car to kill that's my bad that I rammed twice I forgot that the rules are different here. Also I was in the moment so I was just stressing about killing these guys so I had rammed the same person twice without even knowing that I have done this.
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