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  1. <delete please wrong forum
  2. I would like to set up a coroner company. possibly a faction so I can hire a maximum of 10 employees. if someone is shot, or the ambulance does not arrive on time at the call. That I as a coroner then come to the spot to clean up the bodies. And turn it into ashes in my company or take it to the cemetery. I think the roleplay is even better than just throwing the corpses into the bushes or the trunk.
  3. Mahanawe


    it has been sold
  4. Mahanawe


    No not possible
  5. Mahanawe


    It has been sold
  6. I am Looking for the owner of east mirror d2 Please contact me #5105016 Friendly regards. James Oconner
  7. No thanks i want to build some space around.
  8. I want to buy a house near DCC - Mirror park #5105016
  9. Mahanawe


    If you can give it Cash we have a deal.
  10. Mahanawe


    210k and we have a deal
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