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  1. Well i know that the things i did it was wrong and all this time that i was waiting to appeal again i was thinking how to be better to ECRP and how to prevent from doing the wrong things again.Generally i am a person who learns from the mistakes and its impossible to do this again.Furthermore in this discord server which i am active all the day and i am speaking with my friends just i will close discord the time that i will be in the City.Furthermore about the AFK timer as i said and before i am a person who learns from the mistake and i will think before i act.I hope you will give me the opportunity to come again in the city and i promise you i do my best.
  2. Character name(s):Nick_Blakok Admin who issued punishment:Dqniel Date of punishment:10-11-2019 Punishment received:PERMA-BAN Reason given for punishment:Utilizing macro to bypass the AFK timer. Your explanation of what happened:i was in the city and i couldn't achieve to find one stable job that i can make money and have the things that i want . For this reason and because i was new in the city i had to earn some xp to manage to did an application for one government job.FOR this reason i decided to do this just to earn the xp faster before the applications will close again. Why should your appeal be accepted?.Well after 3 months.I think is too much and i was waiting too much for this.I know that my behaviour against you,wasn't good but i learned from my mistakes and i won't do it again.IF you give me one more changce i will show you this and i promise you.I missed it a lot.I hope you will give me one more change and this won't happen again
  3. i want to buy surano my phone number is 2488653 and my my email (Nickbi#[email protected])
  4. if you offer me something better from 89k i will accept it.Think about it
  5. no sorry my highest offer is 90k bro
  6. selling max baller le maxed 1/2 turbo send me offers here!!
  7. selling baller le full maxed 1/2 turbo send me offers
  8. nikolakis

    Quiz test

    Hey i completed the quiz and i did it all correct and they denied me for reason:you have copied parts of your answers from other sources.I didn't copied any of my answers from other source but because i have one more account and i am in the city for 2 years i know all the rules very good and this is the reason that they think that i copied my answers.I get a cooldown about 10000 min is this possible?Pls answer me as fast as it possible.Thanks for your time to spend to read my report!!.
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