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  1. Micheal Timothy Cooper was born in the year of 1982 in Ireland by a little village in the west of Cork. From a early age Michael always shown a intrest in the Army, esspically the Field Medic. His Father Séan Cooper was a publican, he owned one of the best Pubs in the little village and they would all get together, when Ireland was playing, rather it was Soccer, Rugby or even GAA ( Irish National Sport ). His Mother Paula Cooper worked as a Nurse in the local Hospital, she was alway's very busy. He had on sister called Emma Cooper and she was the best of company, whenever someone was down, sh
  2. Hello, I'm Micheal Cooper. In this instance when we were robbing, he was failing RP and he left the game. When he came backed I got abit pissed off and didn't mean to say anything like that. I was angry that this man was wasting our time and once again I said something I didn't mean. Sorry won't happen again
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