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  1. Higgan0

    Anyone Else?

    Thanks, that's actually great to know
  2. Higgan0

    Anyone Else?

    Should be easy enough. Enforce the RP rules that I had to study in order to pass the test to be accepted. Simple. Just enforce the rules. I'm not saying to take away the fun of others, but non RP bullcrap takes the fun away from the people who came here to an RP server. If you have fun running up and robbing a NewPlayer of his gun and possesions while he lays on the ground injured because you came around the corner doing 5,000 mph and hit him, with not a LICK of RP, go play somewhere else? Might sound harsh, sorry. I'd hoped that's what was happening here already. Look, I get it. We all want to see the community grow and thrive. I just thought the community would grow and thrive through RP, not just filling the ranks to be called one of the bigger RP servers
  3. Higgan0

    Anyone Else?

    Hello, I haven't been here long but thought I'd give you my perspective as a new player. I agree, RP is not what I'd hoped it would be across the board. Don't get me wrong, people RP, but it's not to a high standard. People riding around on rims all day, running me over on my bike and not stopping, police not responding to a call for a robbery or accident. These might be the littlest things but it's those things that should set the server apart from the rest. I watch a lot of people stream on another RP server and the RP there seems to be much more serious. The hopes of RP is what brought me here. Right now I'm not sure on the state of RP here, and I'm certainly not in a position to badmouth the server, just making observations from a noobs point of view.
  4. Howdy. My name is Skeeter Hawkins and I'm going to be looking for a house in Blaine County and was wondering what price ranges I might be looking at? I'm saving money to buy a house now, so I'm not totally in the market at the moment. Is there even property available in Blaine County? Preferably in the North East somewhere. ((Reason this isn't in the Real Estate section is because I'm not buying or selling. Just curious what the prices ranges are for houses in Blaine Cty.))
  5. Yeah, I'm thinking that's the issue.
  6. Ok, didn't think of that because I wanted to just have the game itself captured (don't have a second monitor set up yet). HOWEVER....It worked! Thanks!! Wonder why it was an issue??
  7. Hey everyone. I'm trying to set up a stream through StreamlabsOBS and can't seem to get a picture (game capture isn't working). I've streamed other games before with no issue. Anyone have any ideas what it is I'm missing? HELP!!
  8. Someone asked earlier, but you didn't answer...where do you guys hang out? I might be interested in coming up to meet your crew, have a beer and talk
  9. Hello! I'm a hillbilly named Skeeter Hawkins. If you find my red mullet, you've found me ((Question: Does anyone actually stream? I look on Twitch and see nothing but No Pixel people. Where is our EclipseRP representation?? I'm not a streamer, but I think I'm going to start.))
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