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  1. Jester


    I've since gotten a whole new computer because an upgrade was long needed from my 10 year old alienware anyway lol the problem no longer happens so I guess it's safe to close my thread.
  2. Jester


    I've had this same issue, it started right after the casino update occurred. I knew i wasn't the only one with this problem, but some people said reinstalling their sound drivers helped but didn't do shit for me. I have a clip of the sound glitch happening, but the recording doesn't do the loudness of the static i get justice. as mentioned previously in the post, it happens when you come into proximity of another player who's mic is already in use. The only known fix is for them to stop using their mic and it stops. The biggest issue is when you get people spamming music through their mic, which happens very often. When this glitch occurs, it renders ALL audio on my computer useless. I can't hear radio chatter, other people talking, music on my computer, or even discord. https://streamable.com/5544e
  3. Jester

    Nerf Cops

    You're saying if they use a personal vehicle, it can't be tuned? It has to be stock?
  4. Jester

    Nerf Cops

    Yea that's why i brought it to the forums and bumped the thread I certainly hope it's limited to that so it doesn't get abused. Cuz I've been chased by detectives using supers. But even then, they couldn't keep up with my standard comet like the cop in the high tier cruiser did. Which is why i say it comes to skill, not needing OP vehicles. (Detc was driving a Pfister 811 btw)
  5. Jester

    Nerf Cops

    Yea idk, i said everything i have to on the topic, aside from; I'm not against them having it, as long as it's an official vehicle. Using personal vehicles for law enforcement should fall under fail rp, adapting or not. If it's a big enough issue, staff have to move it up the priority list to give them capable vehicles
  6. Jester

    Nerf Cops

    If they want cops to be so OP, then they should have such things made into their official arsenal. Tune the cop bike to function like that. Because i know for a fact that IC and RPly robbing a bank truck to use its size for ramming is "fail rp" and breaking the rules, but a personal vehicle for law enforcement isn't? It's an ironic one way road. Everyone is trying to make the argument that IRL cops are supposed to be overpowered and always win. IRL cops don't use hiabusas with aftermarket modifications on them either so that's a load of crap.
  7. Jester

    Nerf Cops

    My point hasn't changed at all. It's been reinforced with the fact that they're going overboard once i gave more details. I wasn't in a super fast car. I hadn't committed a major crime. The cop was just a bad driver. My answer is they pulled it out because of poor judgement. I'd have accepted the catch if the cop was a decent driver and could keep up. His inability to use the brakes on a turn doesn't mean my method of transportation is OP. I repeat my earlier statement, if govt vehicles can't be used for crimes, personal vehicles shouldn't be used for law enforcement
  8. Jester

    Nerf Cops

    If they think a kuruma is a big enough threat to them to call in a drag bike( something that's known to be ridiculously over powered in regards to mobility) then they have to reevaluate their protocols. I got away once earlier and hid in a parking structure, but i got too ahead of myself and left before waiting long enough. As soon as i exited the building, a cop was at the other side of the intersection on his drag. I was near weazel when this happened. Not exactly close to PD for them to run back and grab a personal vehicle. That means he was either patrolling with it, or they made a poor judgement call. As mentioned in a previous reply, it was for a traffic violation. Not a drug lab or a murder/shooting. I know even IRL cops would not use such recourses, (legit police equipment or not) for such a thing.
  9. Jester

    Nerf Cops

    If I'm driving a kuruma, there's no need to call in the big guns. Not like I was running out from a drug lab or a murder call with an elegy... A base level cruiser couldn't catch me because i turned corners too well for him. But i know the high tier cruiser would have sufficed or at least a helicopter. A hakuchou was overkill and took the piss out of the chase. Their cruisers are OP and boosted enough as it is, that if i could outrun you in a kuruma, it was a matter of skill, not having an Op getaway car. I've been paced by the high tier cruiser before when i was in a comet and could tell right away that the cop was a skilled driver. Got caught and accepted it. But the drag bike is a load of shit. If you want to talk about the "rEaLiSm" of cops always winning, then factor into the amount of times cops don't chase a single car with 500 cruisers for a traffic violation in real life.
  10. Jester

    Nerf Cops

    Bringing this back up because non-police vehicles being used for police work should seriously fall under fail RP. I don't care how much anyone makes. Hakuchou drags are NOT police vehicles. Like mentioned before, a helicopter should be called in for such things... if crims can't use govt vehicles to commit crimes, personal vehicles shoulnd't be used to enforce the law
  11. you can close this. Sorry, turned out to just be my shitty ISP.
  12. Issue Being Reported: Unable to maintain connection to server/RAGE MP. Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): Any and all Times Your characters name: Kiera Cleric Other player(s) involved: N/A Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: So this problem has risen only recently. Been a player since 2017 and had my fair share of glitches, bugs and so on. But this one is persistent, new, obnoxious and absolutely making playing impossible. There's an issue where I can't go 2 minutes without losing connection, and getting that error message: "Lost connection to RAGE MP, trying to reconnect" and it sits like that for about a minute before either failing and I have to relaunch, or puts me back at the login screen. I've tried just about every 'fix' I could look up but they're all such old posts from 2018 so I don't know if they work anymore. I've tried: restarting my computer cold rebooting my computer restarting router/modem deleting the server cache folder reinstalling RAGE MP and validating GTA Files. I didn't have this problem until recently, and I know it's not the casino update because this didn't start until a bit after that came out, and i don't see anyone else saying they have this issue. If you could recommend any fixes or know the problem and how I can fix it, it would be much appreciated.
  13. My financial situation has recently taken a negative turn so I'm no longer looking for a residence. Thank you, though.
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