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  1. Purchased with buyout, thanks.
  2. Oh because it wasn't you that started to be hostile in the first place. Ahaha fuck off dipshit.
  3. Lmao. You kids and your constant need for instant gratification. And what the fuck are you even on about.. I swear I just lost brain cells trying to read this.
  4. As someone who has played on the other side of the coin with a over-inflated economy, it's not much better. Everyone is a millionaire (breaks realistic immersion a bit for me) and player-to-player trading is completely meaningless unless you are a new player or play the total of a few hours a week. There is nothing wrong with having a hefty goal post to strive for and it only hinders roleplay for those that let it.
  5. WTFMan (inc. spinoffs) (2006-2009) - Player [Yakuza, Triads, The Most Hated, SaC Inc.], minor scripting work. SZRGTA (2008-2009) - Player [Founder and higher leadership of SaC-Super Awesome Cool Beach Gang] High Rise RP (~2009) - Player [SFPD Officer] SA-RP (2009-2010) - Player [Civ/Criminal] NG-RP (2010-2013) - Player [SaC-Super Awesome Cool Beach Gang], Founder and higher leadership of S.H.A.F.T [Security Headquarters of Firearms and Trafficking], Head Admin, Developer, Etc.
  6. This is absolutely sickening and I'm not sure why you or anyone else would even want to log on anymore after having these things continue to happen. 14 year old shit heads like those described don't deserve to be on this server or any other community on the circuit. I truly hope something can be done.
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