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  1. Hmmmm... How about 300k + a hakuchou drag. Fully maxed.
  2. 800 + Rapid GT Classic. Maxed.
  3. Character to Transfer From: Maverick McCummin Character to Transfer To: Reginald Steele Requested Transfer: 1 Contender $100,000 Cash Reason for Transfer: Reginald Steele is a distant cousin to Maverick McCummin and his brother Klaus. Reginald heard through the family how well Maverick is doing for himself and looked to Los Santos for a new change. Reginald sought out Maverick to see if he could help him with his start in the city. Maverick would like to lend him his Contender that he never uses anymore and also lend him some cash to help get on his feet. He does this under the condition that at any point he can take these items back If he feels what Reginald is doing goes against his morals, or he just wants the items back. Reginald made his money through the adult film industry and came to this city with some cash but not enough to really get anything done. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? Through one of Mavericks friends. Most likely his brother Klaus or his girl Mia.
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