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  1. Somehow cant send you an email, try to send it to me Martyn Buble#8047
  2. Price went down to 285000$
  3. Placed bike at HE for 290000$
  4. So im selling maxed out hakuchou drag 1/2 turbo painted with chrome color , my phone number is #2044688 , waiting for offers.
  5. Buble


    Price went down to 440000$ not going lower
  6. Buble


    Not interested. Car is at HE for 480000$ again
  7. Buble


    Thanks for offer, but im not going to change plates.
  8. Buble


    uploaded pictures of the car
  9. Buble


    Currently no space to hold card at the high end, looking for offers
  10. Buble


    Price went down to 480000$
  11. Buble


    Still for sale, if you have any questions send me a message #2044688
  12. Buble


  13. Hey, I'm 91 ID in the video, the whole situation was very weird. I don't know why we can't hear your voice but when you came the only thing I heard from you was ( we good, we good) your VOIP was cutting out for me and you weren't typing anything in the chat. Then when you started pointing a gun at me I wasn't hearing you at all. From my point of view, your gun was up and down like 3 times, so when it went down I pulled the trigger immediately. I see in your recording you were pointing a gun on me at me all the time, from this point of view I agree that it was a mistake from me and I'm really sorry for that. These days I'm dealing with lots of desync in the server, and now it led me to this situation.
  14. +1 I like the idea
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