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  1. First i should say that i have done a silly thing , Secondly if i get unbanned i will take transfer request for any transfer that i want to do and i will not do the same thing as i did which i accept it was OOC thing that i gave him the money which it has to be IC with an admin approval for the transfer ,and i am sorry and i regret what i have done because I am an old player of this community and it would be awosome if i would be able to come back.
  2. I don't save my video at that situation cause that wasn't wrong I think, When Jimmy Told me to come back i knew where is he and then i heard that there is shootout and i came with highspeed to ran over someone...
  3. Account name: sina202020 character name(s): Jack Jordan Admin who issued punishment: BallinByNature Date of punishment: 11/6/2019 Punishment received: Permanent Ban Reason give for punishment: Real world Trading Your explanation of what happened: Sorry for didn't answer the last appeal, because we lost out connection in our country then I got some problem had to do and had no time to send another appeal. why should your appeal be accepted?: Question it was : So, anyone Jacob Jordan knows you are willing to sell your assets and hand them 1 million dollars? Do you have any evidence displaying any roleplay relating to this loan or contract? As I said, Jacob Jordan gave the money to me and then I gave that money to Reza for a loan cause he was playing with us and he got our trust when he was playing with us, and I know that he is a trusty man for that money, and I was sure nothing will be happen after. and no me and Jacob are IC brother and we was thinking contract not need it for us. And I Didn't take any real money from that, I can promise.
  4. nasser_ yaser

    ID 83 DM

    hello ( im jack Jordan ) I got offence fear rp once in the past and that's exactly what happened because my vehicle engine was on and I have thought until now that distance is near when the victim's vehicle is on , I can shot to him and stole it. but after it I know now I cant shoot when engine is on and I can just shoot when engine is off and have closed range . * ((here I apologize to my esteemed manager and vicitm and I will not repeat )) *
  5. Hello (I'am jack jordan with my second character account) I don't think that this should be a problem cause once I got scammed by a dude in /do and he did the same thing to me and my friend reported him but it didn't get accepted so i scammed this guy like the one who scammed me i don't know if its actually against the rules or not but my friends report got denied
  6. hey. my name is Nasser_yaser. my id 56 . As you can see, I just drive . Another Guy shot him
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