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  1. I'll be honest by saying I don't quite understand what behavior was wrong. The Discord server has an emoji implying that you should hang yourself and I felt like my reply was insincere enough to be interpreted as a joke. I hadn't even had time to respond to the person I was interacting with after sending that message. I tried finding guidelines for Discord but I wasn't able to find them through the forum search or the guidelines section of the forum. The only relevant rule that I feel I might have broken is the excessive use of vulgar/offensive language, but again in my defense I didn't interpret it that was given the available way to communicate the message I sent. Is this what you were looking for or did I miss what you had intended me to reply with? Either way I will not tell people to kill themselves on Discord anymore. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I hope you can see how this might have been confusing to me.
  2. Account name: 0xA#4153 Character name(s): N/A Admin who issued punishment: Unknown Date of punishment: 4/15/2019 Punishment received: Discord Ban Reason given for punishment: Fairly certain it was for saying "kys" in general chat. Your explanation of what happened: A person was spamming and I replied for them to "kys" and I was banned without any warning. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Wasn't aware of the stringency with regard to insults/suggestions on the Discord server. Post any evidence or further details: It happened around 8:50PM EST, I don't have any evidence as I wasn't warned but I did do what I described.
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