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  1. Hahahahah good joke, dont ya tryin' to overwrite rules guys :? 😉 Okay, okay, first of all you broke a lot of rules starting from running into NCZ, ooc/ic chat mixing, fear rp (2 guys aimed at you and one was with heavy gun, but you still start to shootin with your pistol..), METAGAMING(talkin in dc or teamspeak) daaamn guys why you even still talking about how rules works 😄 Now say, which rule I broke? Metagaming? Nah I get all info in the radio about you aaaand you still can talk in radio when you are injured. By the way, how much green matte grangers with green neons you saw in the city, because personally me, just ONE. Even more, when I heard emergency from Finley at braddocks and few moments later I saw leavin green matte granger with green neons from braddocks. DM? Wtf? I got even more reason than just kill you (killed my friend, stolen his car, rammed me, started to shootin at my friends), you are lucky to be just killed. VDM - I can do vdm once if my life or my friends life are in danger, especially with big armored suv, btw we all get that notification in game about vdm rule. So again, what rule did I broke? PS Happy Easter 😉😜🐇
  2. Hello, I am 78 ID (James Rowan), MetaGaming- I was cookin at LSD while I heard emergency from Finley_Mulloy to help him at braddocks, so I went here and saw leaving two cars (black warraner and Finley's granger(I noticed granger color and plate number) and decided to follow them, meanwhile I informed about my situation in radio. Emphasize, all the time I was givin information in radio, you can see that in all video's, so there is no MG. Deathmatch/crime against new player - you guys did a crime(Killed Finley_Mulloy(dm'ed) and stole him granger, also you rammed me twice) so in that case you lost all new player "privileges" and I have all rights to do a crime against you. Why I shot you? Simple, you started shooting at Finley, so I started to shootin' back. VDM - I and my friends was in danger, so I decided to ram shooter once with my big SUV and I was succed from first time, everything good in this situation.
  3. I am 209 ID. What the f***, its absurd to go 6vs20+, you cant see, maybe all of us had a gun (actually about half was armed at first), even cops don't doing that shit, they are calling backups... By the way, I didnt heard your demands on VOIP neither any message in chat(it was to much messages flood), also someone called retreat..
  4. https://plays.tv/video/5c9d39457913e5807c/kansei-drift
  5. Someone clearly don't understand rules and like I see it's not your first report. You was in danger, because three guys shooting to each other when you calmly driving around and trying to hit shooters with your bike. Its vdm, fear-rp and powergaming my friend. Just let admin decide.
  6. I am James Rowan, you tried to vdm me when you turned around, but unsuccessfully(it can be seen of yours driving trajectory) and its absurd to try vdm someone with bike when shots fired. xD
  7. I would like to buy a 1-2 g house at SANDY SHORES, prices from 100.000 to 300.000 dollars. Contacts: 5542525 See you soon, James Rowan
  8. I am "Deivis" from the video, I can aprove that Finley Mulloy said to you "hands up".
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