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  1. Looking for a house with 2-3G anywhere in San Andreas. Doesn't have to be close to city, or if near canals. Budget is around 360k. Contact me on email: Goco#[email protected] or Text #2295690
  2. +1 Absolute huge potential in the fishing system. I played on a San Andreas multiplayer server years back who re-hauled their fishing job system and it became one of the most fun and in-depth jobs to do. This included leveling, variation of fish/a tiny chance of catching a huge value fish, boat usage to fish etc etc. I think the fishing system in place is very, sit there and press 'K' every now and then, lacks any sort of user feedback and sense of accomplishment.
  3. +1, Can totally slow down the game big time.
  4. +1 - Had this for so long on GTA San Andreas RP, would be awesome to have.
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