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    Hello I'm Samo!

    hello samo wlc back
  2. Account name:shayan19 Character name(s):Shayan_Venom Admin who issued punishment:Musket Date of punishment: 2019 10 January Punishment received: time ban , 1 week Reason given for punishment: Deathmatch Your explanation of what happened: After a shootout, we told him to leave ( VOIP ) but they just stay there, then when we tried to stop them, they tried to escape, after that,the black guy started shooting at us, i just tried to kill him but this blue guy stay front of my point, it was a mistake, i dont want to kill him.. Why should your appeal be accepted?: because, i dont want kill him, i just want shoot that black guy... but he got shot, it was a mistake. Post any evidence or further details:
  3. i told 10 times to get down on your knees or hands up but you resist
  4. shayan_venom

    mask 5861_3068 , 7027_2956, 2895_6845 DM

    Player(s) being reported: mask 5861_3068 , 7027_2956, 2895_6845 Date of rule breach:2018 12 24 Time of rule breach:1 hour before this report Your characters name:shayan_venom Other players involved:Arshia_jacksun, Erfa_nazari Specific rule broken:7.2.1 Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player (or damaging their property) without a proper roleplay reason. How did the player break the rule?: We came at the lsc to repair our car and we started talking to Arshia_jacksun in the car then my car was parked next to arshia car's then as you can see in the video these two guys get out and start shooting at arshia_jacksun then we try to go away they start shooting at us too which i believe is DM which they shooted at us with no reason " Paste rule text here " How did the player break the rule?: Evidence of rule breach:This footage is taken by Arshia_jakcsun.https://youtu.be/9CZuUZzfBq4
  5. shayan_venom

    Mask 5053_5291, Mask 3165_6220, Mask 5461_6383 VDM, Non-Rp

    hey everyone ... i dont have a good system to play this thats why i get FPS lag a lot thats why i dont have control on my cars and i heard gunshots there then i planed to move there and see whats going on because our friends called back up at radio ... thats all happend there ... Thanks for your time guys ...