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  1. Well, i'd like to start this off by pointing out one thing in Cyrus' video, and that would be that he was talking over teamspeak without pressing N in game which is considered metagaming. Alright imma explain the story roughly, I was evading cops after trying to pick up a person from Sandy MD, failed to do so since cops were preventing that from happening. After she was already in the cruiser there was a cop car after me i went to the sandy airport did a circle around the hangar lost the cop car as he kept on driving toward prison, then another cruiser turned around which would be Cyrus' cruiser and started going after me tried doing the same trick didn't work. A few minutes into the chase i head into the city to attempt to lose the cops, couple of minutes after im in the city i get blocked by a cop drive straight into him, get injured. From what i got told by Edward_Wayne in ooc after we got away from the cop, he told me he saw me when he was going down from bank, i mean in my opinion bank road is used a lot. Continueing on the way to MD i saw some people at the zeta gas station, used to be a zeta back in the day so i started screaming for help, no vehicle started following the ambulance i was in which was whatever i thought i was going jail 100% in that situation but i could at least try getting away. After being dropped off at MD i attempted to RP my way out so i would be able to run to the place i always run to so if there was someone picking me up it'd be there since we always go to the same place, and everyone from daniels can confirm that we always run to the same place as its the easiest way to get away. I attempted to RP my way out of it by attempting to "headbutt" the cop which clearly didnt work as the cop replied with a /do "would be watching your movements very closely" or something like that, he didnt tase me after i tried doing that so i attempted another /me "kicking him in his crotch" which he tased me at first as i was writing my /do "would i be able to run?" so i wrote in ooc "wait" as i was writing my /do, after that he replied that i would be able to run, so i did, ran to the spot i normally go to which would be the parking lot next to MD, and saw a white lectro there so i got on it and drove off with Edward. One last thing to this would be that we have done the same exact thing before i went to jail with Kai Devito and another cop, he attempted to pick me up at the top of the parking same spot as in the video but i'm guessing he got here, late as he wasn't there so i ran down going for the railtrack near the MD but got caught by Kai on the way down. He did come after that, i was already in cuffs and at gunpoint by cops so no way i was getting out of that one and didn't. Edward knew this info as he was with me at parking lot robbing a guy that broke fearrp, but lets not get off topic, we attempted to rob a guy he ran away at gunpoint we shot him, a cop drove up pressed a panic button, he put his hands up and surrendered, his backup came like 10-20 seconds later and our vehicle was stalled so we ran on foot a little bit to wait for the vehicle, so it would be able to start, we done that unfortunately i got tased by an officer but as i had a gun in my hand and recovered from the taser shot and he only had a taser i told him to put his hands up, he tased me either way at gunpoint then surrendered, the other officer noticed that i had him at gunpoint and shot me, Edward got away in my jester and attempted to pick me up at MD after. To be quite honest i didn't know you werent allowed to physically assault a cop inside an ncz when the RP situation began outside the NCZ which would make sense. How i always understood the rule was that if the situation began outside the NCZ i'd be able to attempt to physically hurt the officer arresting as it'd make sense RPly, but rules are rules, I do admit to breaking the rule which i didn't understand worked in the way it worked before. As to the part about me having any "IC, OOC" communications with Edward at the time, no i did not have any with him as we broke out of prison like 20-30 min before this incident, i dropped him off near weazel and didnt see him until he picked me up at the parking lot. So no i did not have any communications with him ICly nor OOCly at the time.
  2. I actually did have an idea of what was going on around me since i was looking backwards while running like 10 seconds prior to the bush situation and all i saw was tasers in their hands. About footage, do not have any.
  3. Hello, ID 46 Nicholas Donovan here, I'd like to start off by saying I wasn't paying attention above your head to see the "(typing)" thing i was looking to see if you got a gun or if your partner has got a gun in his hand, i saw that your partner had a taser so i ran since tasers do not put you under fearrp, If i was paying attention and did see the "typing" thing above your head i'd have stopped and waited for you to type, my bad on that. After being tased i can still resist just cause you tased me dont mean im gonna full on pass out on the ground it was only 1 times you tased me as well you gotta remember that and in my opinion i should be able to resist and since i already had the gun in my hand. About the combat logging i explained all of that in the other report.
  4. Hello, ID 46 Nicholas Donovan here I'd like to start off with this that i didnt actually log off when you came it was the afk timer that kicked me, I left my house being pretty sure you guys wouldn't find me and i didn't log off initally cause i wasn't sure if it was 15 minutes yet so i would be able to log off. In a situation where a player gets away from an incident where they're being chased/pursued, they must wait 15 minutes before they can logout. It is still my fault for leaving my pc on staying in game not informing you that i am going out my house and leaving the PC running inside the game. I'd like to apologize for this and I didn't know your name when i did comeback home to message you to ask if you can /prison me that is the reason why i didnt do that. Heres the screenshot of when i did comeback home i saw this. I truly apologize for this and i don't really have much else to say.
  5. Thats racist man, what if someone is muslim
  6. Mate i did not cut the video, its called having shitty 30 sec replays if you didnt notice by the time length already....
  7. You know why because look where you landed it's pretty hard to see you there when your bike is in the middle of the street.
  8. Alright if you cannot see i didn't drive into you on purpose it was desync and you can see that by my car not stopping a tiny bit just keeping on going without loosing 1 km/h and i didn't even know i drove you over and i didn't want to mug you or nothing we drove away because we just killed some guys and i desynced into your bike.
  9. You were warned to get out of the vehicle with your hands up you started driving so you got rammed at 65 km/h approximately and went into that hole i told you to get out the car with you hands up i never shot at you i was giving you a chance to get out then this guy comes out of nowhere and kills you. I'd like to apologise if i broke any rules if you want your stuff back i can give it you from mine.
  10. I was inside of the Comet Retro that had a cage inside of it as well as it being stolen so i didn't care much about the car being destroyed, the cage would save me in a lot of these crashes since they were max 130 km/h impact i don't know about Patryk but he had a roll cage in the car he stole as well.
  11. Player(s) being reported: Stranger 8126_5516 Date of rule breach: 09/12/2018 Time of rule breach: 01:49 Your characters name: Nathan Rose Other players involved: Patrick Brown Specific rule broken: 7.2.1 Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player (or damaging their property) without a proper roleplay reason. How did the player break the rule?: The player shot me after i got vdmd and i did not threaten, shoot or hurt in any way i was driving after this guy because we were going to rob him we chased him for about 5 minutes after that he went to the dcc place pulled in their vehicle and stopped there, I drove past them and then one of their people vdmd me when i didn't do nothing to them i just drove behind them no threats were made by me. They got out shot my friend after i got vdmd so i called for medics and pd to come help but i didn't say anything about people with guns i just said "I fell off my bike" then out of nowhere this player runs up to me and shoots me when they didn't warn me or point a gun at me nor spoke to me after i got vdmd. Evidence of rule breach:
  12. Your at a drug lab what else can you do there other than making drugs. The part with shooting straight away i didn't notice this before seeing your reply, i did not shoot that must have been desync or some other glitch i have had this happen to me before when someone points a gun and they shoot on my screen but not on theirs. I started shooting after you made my car hit me, that's after you pull out of the tunnel and i drive out.
  13. I attempted to mug this man so i blocked the exit of the drug lab and pointed a gun at him then he starts driving, rams into my vehicle making my vehicle hit me and make me lose health so i shoot at his vehicle to make his engine stall, i get into my car and ram his to make his engine stall so i can mug him since i recieved info that he was making drugs.
  14. First off you were chasing me and my friend 20/30 min before this happened. After that you and Shayan drive up to the house start chatting with everyone, Samo comes on gets both of you at gunpoint Shayan decides to drive away gets shot at then dies, Samo gets you out the car robs you then 30 of you drive up start shooting i got away since i stold your car i comeback to see whos left at the house i see 3 of you, your gang just shot up my boys which should mean im able to kos all of you that were there. You come outside the gate and you had a gun in your hand on my screen (might have been a visual glitch) then your friend following you with a gun in his hand aswell so i shoot you try getting your friend but he goes in cover and probably starts calling all his mates so i drove away. I apologize if i fucked up but the entire situation was a mess.
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