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  1. Also, I know there is zero context, but who knows, my character, being a black african american, who is muslim. Maybe just didn't like the way your character was looking at him - or looked. Just saying.
  2. Click on that, and click on the vid link, LOL https://plays.tv/video/5bbcd1c606ee29c7d8/mentally-disabled-roleplaying-german-citizen ^Same link but just posted here (vid) im getting banned lol
  3. Well, never thought in 100 years you would of taken damage, or even reported this, pretty silly stuff. But if you went out of your way to do this, im sure I made you extremely angry, and you have never laughed in your entire life. Hopefully you can chuckle one more time at this sarcastic funny reply before I get banned for who knows how long for something to insignificant. May something interesting come upon you @pizdulin, Best kindest regards, Xavier Defante, the man who ran you over and yelled 'Allah Akbar'.
  4. Hey boys n gals, Hope when I get my approval we can make alot of crazy situations and memories happen. ;-D It'll be my first time trying out GTA roleplay, but dont worry ive read all the rules, hehe.
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