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  1. The thing is - this server with the current jobs/number of activities would be normal to 50-70 people online. It went to such a boom (thanks for lithuanian twitch community) and the server developers/admins/staff cannot handle this situation and the hype will slowly fade out if nothing will be changed. People these days tends to leave when the things stagnates. I am not saying its a bad server for RP, but it has a lot of flaws. This is the time for developers to turn the situation around or they will lose the people slowly. Server has a lot of potential, since no other rp server can handle such amount of people at once. Someone said, that criminals dont earn big money IRL - that's not true. They earn a lot, but with cost of risk. Here, in eclipse, criminal activities (as I said, there is almost no criminal activities except bugged drug transporter, mugging people, who never carries money on them and warehouses and stuff) doesnt pay the extra and you risk a lot for that. Thats way too unbalanced and if you disagree with that - you are an idiot. For 300 slot server, there is only repetitive boring jobs, no criminal activities and basically no risk at all. If that stays for a while, I guarantee for 100 percent, the amount of people will fade away pretty quickly, because they will find something better or they will get bored pretty soon. This is the time to change something.
  2. Criminal activities are non existant, unless you have a gang. Its still boring, since you have options only to sell guns or either sell drugs, which have no benefit to majority of players. If you call a drug transporter as an criminal activity, its a joke - it pays around 6,7k per hour, its 3x more risky and it pays LESS than garbage collector. NO JOKE, LESS THAN A WORST JOB. This server lacks of criminal activity, this server lacks of balance between police (they are superior) and citizens, this server lacks of a balanced economy.
  3. Disco_RS

    [SOLD] House with 2 store garage 105K

    today for only 100K
  4. Selling house in Fudge Ln 14, east part of the town. 105K Call or text: 3665195
  5. Disco_RS

    [SOLD] 16 Los Santos Freeway. 1 Garage (50K)

    my number is 3665195. im always in the town
  6. Disco_RS

    [SOLD] 16 Los Santos Freeway. 1 Garage (50K)

    with 30k you can keep living under the tree
  7. Selling a house with one garage. It looks like a garbage, but still, you can't find anything in better in this price range, since all budget houses are sold out. PRICE: 50K Don't pm me saying this house is trash, because I know it looks trash, but oh well, you won't find anything better in that price range anyways 😄
  8. Disco_RS

    Government Faction {HOTEL}