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  1. I know, but you don't find someone to sell drugs to every time you want to sell em, so they'll just go to the drop off point instead of waiting to sell. The warehouse import removal was also a very dumb decision.
  2. everything's great except the drug drop off point update. It removes alot of drug-related RP and all dealers will go to there because it's safe and fast.
  3. @Beet I was testing the link thing and thought the link would be blocked if all links are allowed. Although I understand I broke the rules and regret doing so. I have learned from my mistake and swear that this won't happen again.
  4. Account name: Aureum Chaos#4705 Character name(s): Irrelevant? Admin who issued punishment: No idea Date of punishment: 7/25/2018 Reason given for punishment: Probably NSFW link Your explanation of what happened: I noticed that you could post links now on #helpdesk, so I wanted to test out if all links worked, so I wrote "http://www.hentaihaven.org/". After like 5 minutes or so I couldn't see ECRP discord on the sidebar, and I couldn't rejoin. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I've learned from my mistake that I shouldn't post NSFW material on helpdesk, general or just overall the whole discord. Post any evidence or further details:
  5. Sorry if I'm missing something, but I don't think there has been a single word about the salary changes for city jobs. Will they get nerfed? Or will government jobs be buffed? How long until something gets changed?
  6. If you've ever been a criminal, robber especially, you know you can't really do much to rob people except ride up on them. I had this great idea where for example, if you held X in a vehicle (when you put your head down) your ID/tag wouldn't show up, making others not know about your presence. When I was a robber I wanted to rob the farm, so I went behind a building close to selling point. Lo and behold, the people driving to the selling point would see my tag through the wall, making them immediately drive away. If we had a way to hide tags from being visible through walls or anything it would be great.
  7. Doesn't mean you need to raise their wages. Just nerf the best city jobs like farming or fishing to all the other ones so there's no point in going to farm when you can make the same money doing a city job. IF you raise these wages, raise the government ones aswell.
  8. @JackD248 You can't AFK as a mechanic. Manual jobs aren't chill? You have no time limits, you can go for a break any time you like, they have 0 REQUIREMENTS, 0 RP, mindless AFK work.
  9. +1, feels bad when the job I wrote a detailed application on, nervously completed the interview for, trained for and got promoted for doing a decent job makes two times less money than the job which has 0 requirements, 0 risk, 0 interaction and little to no RP elements. +1.
  10. @xencobra you got kicked for ignoring the admins orders. I reported you for blatantly lying about things like me constantly robbing you and lying in a /do, not an actual possible thing that happened.
  11. whole 20 minutes of my arrival and the whole thing happening sorry for the shit quality, when I record the game fucks up sometimes
  12. also, I need to have constant clips and proof of anything for something i DIDN'T do but he doesn't need clips to prove that I did it? Is this guilty until proven innocent or what? The whole 20 minute clip of me arriving is rendering rn.
  13. Ah, I tried robbing you about 3 hours prior to this and got exactly 24$ out of you, and you didn't give me a thing of yours and I never harmed you. I didn't come back a single time after that because I was off playing poker and farming. edit: "..and he ran up on me with his friend several times robbing me" I don't have friends, lol
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