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    Stranger: 4096_1449 (63) - Cop baiting, lying in a /do

    @xencobra you got kicked for ignoring the admins orders. I reported you for blatantly lying about things like me constantly robbing you and lying in a /do, not an actual possible thing that happened.
  2. Aureum Chaos

    Stranger: 4096_1449 (63) - Cop baiting, lying in a /do

    whole 20 minutes of my arrival and the whole thing happening sorry for the shit quality, when I record the game fucks up sometimes
  3. Aureum Chaos

    Stranger: 4096_1449 (63) - Cop baiting, lying in a /do

    also, I need to have constant clips and proof of anything for something i DIDN'T do but he doesn't need clips to prove that I did it? Is this guilty until proven innocent or what? The whole 20 minute clip of me arriving is rendering rn.
  4. Aureum Chaos

    Stranger: 4096_1449 (63) - Cop baiting, lying in a /do

    Ah, I tried robbing you about 3 hours prior to this and got exactly 24$ out of you, and you didn't give me a thing of yours and I never harmed you. I didn't come back a single time after that because I was off playing poker and farming. edit: "..and he ran up on me with his friend several times robbing me" I don't have friends, lol
  5. Player(s) being reported: Stranger: 4096_1449 (63) Date of rule breach: 7/12/2018 Time of rule breach: ~5:00 AM (GMT +3) Your characters name: Alexandr_Petrovic Other players involved: Stranger: 3314_5328 (66) Specific rule broken: Cop baiting or purposely trying to create a chase or provoke cops for no reason is not allowed. It is not allowed to input false information or a lie in /do’s as this is constituted as powergaming, as this is explaining FACTS of a roleplay situation,for example if you were in a store robbing and somebody checks surveillance video and it shows that you were robbing it, in this situation you must describe what you were doing in the video. How did the player break the rule?: Robbed me, called the cops on me saying I robbed him, did /do to show bruises on his leg that I've never done, lied to cops about things I'd apparently done, afterwards when disputing with an admin lied saying I mugged him before he mugged me (clip of my arrival added), told me to stop crying to admins. Evidence of rule breach: Him mugging me: https://plays.tv/video/5b46c28ed511a6c4b7/fuckin-cop-baiters?oreferer=notifications Looking to see if he's gone (pt. 1): http://plays.tv/video/5b46c470873c82ddf3/- pt.2: http://plays.tv/video/5b46c50c5b94142e86/- Clip of arrival: http://plays.tv/video/5b46ca9fa283ee4f17/- Discussed with an admin afterwards, after 20 minutes told me to take it to the forums. Dude wasted 1.5h of the time I couldve slept, made it even longer after he continuously lied to the admin afterwards. Please resolve this, thanks