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  1. So I lost £5000 just for breaking the law
  2. Well how comes I have outstanding tickets then
  3. Character to be refunded: Abdu Makmood Date and time of incident: 15/4/2018 Requested refund (what and how much): $5000 Description of incident resulting in loss: I had just finished doing some jobs and made some money and went to get it out the bank (I had £6500 ish) I then went to see how else I could make more, I then got into a police chase and was sent to prison, I decided to log off for a bit cos my internet was playing up, I came back a few hours later to find that I only had £1595 in my bank, obviously at first I was thinking on how I had spent, but I had been in prison. I checked my stats to make sure I had taken it from the bank and that is empty. Evidence of loss: I don't have a screenshot of before I left. I will add the screenshot of when I came back on in a minute. Comments: I'm new to the server and spent quite a lot of time trying to make the money only I find if gone, I know I don't have a screenshot of it before I left but I was wondering if you could check that in logs and see I didn't do anything with it. Thanks for your time.