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  1. LostCrypt

    (Unban) Abdu

    Please upload your video of the situation then if you are so adamant you didn't
  2. LostCrypt

    (Unban) Abdu

    @BallinByNature when the cop pulled up on us we were just say talkin, me and @Packo discussed a few things and when the cop came over she/he said over radio he wanted. @packo is also on vacation atm and may struggle to reply
  3. LostCrypt

    (Unban) Abdu

    Im listing the reasons I had to kill you - are you deliberately trying to be ignorant? please could you show me the video that you showed to beetel then, because you obviously had to show him something
  4. LostCrypt

    (Unban) Abdu

    Sorry? Are you inside my head? Didn't think so, stop making up rubbish.
  5. LostCrypt

    (Unban) Abdu

    No he said to me "You are under arrest"
  6. LostCrypt

    (Unban) Abdu

    Why are you still commenting, ballin just said it's being discussed. I've had enough of your complete bullshit aswell tbh, I've said the same thing from the start, you said "I'm going to arrest you" that's my reason, added to the fact that lexa was wanted and you would have arrested her is another reason. I don't understand how you struggle to read what I've said, I've made it pretty clear.
  7. LostCrypt

    (Unban) Abdu

    You clearly haven't read the whole thing correctly, the officer even states in his reply that he was going to arrest one of my gang members aswell who was wanted, it wasn't 'merely' a threat. And saying "I'm going to arrest you" isn't a threat, it's a statement.
  8. LostCrypt

    (Unban) Abdu

    Might aswell just decline it instead of wasting more of my time. Clearly no one has the competence to right a reply or read through an unban properly.
  9. LostCrypt

    Punishment appeal

    I said oocly when I was downed on the ground at LSC I have no clue what happened past that point
  10. LostCrypt

    Punishment appeal

    Account name: George7432 Character name(s): Abdu Makmood Admin who issued punishment: serthon Date of punishment: 04/07/18  Reason given for punishment: combat logging 3rd offence  Explanation: I told them ooc to get an admin to jail me because I had to go IRL, look it up in chat logs, that's all I have to say. I left my game on and when I came back later it had a crash report
  11. LostCrypt

    (Unban) Abdu

    Rule 5.3.3 https://gyazo.com/18c83847b66a385b1ad3c670a4c5b282 Reasons to attack another player Bullet point 4 - "if they try to harm you, for example, attempt to place you under arrest" you literally just admitted it's not DM in the first line do your response. Seen as me and lexa our in the same gang it wouldn't matter which one of us it was.
  12. LostCrypt

    (Unban) Abdu

    Everyone has there own way of developing their characters rp, players that know my character will know he takes no shit. This was me exercising my characters rp, everyone has there own rp interpretation of how a situation plays out. I stuck to the rules and did what my character would have done. My character has a history of cop killing, and the police know exactly who he is even when he has his mask on. I only stuck to my characters intentions I did what best suited him. If you want to back this up I'm sure you could ask any of these gents- Sean h, Marco d, Borris, the list continues. i did say to beetel that he shouldn't forget the context behind the situation, that has seemed to be missed, similar to my last ban, they have both been massively blow out of proportion. I holded my beef with the officer and used to as part of my character, I see no reason why I can't do this in such a way, the officer said he was arresting me, that's a viable reason for me to shoot him stated in the rule 5.3.3, I carried out what my character would have done. i understand we have to DM rule to benefit gameplay rather than just having people running round like terrorists all day, but I was within the rules to shoot at the officer, maybe what I did wasn't necessary as such and I could see why some may see it as DM but it's part of my character and I followed the rules to how they are written. i hope you can take this in and understand where I am coming from
  13. LostCrypt

    (Unban) Abdu

    Account name: George7432 Character name(s): Abdu Makmood Admin who issued punishment: Beetel @Beet Date of punishment: 24/06/18 Reason given for punishment: Deathmatching 3rd offence Explanation: I was parked up and i was talking to Lexa, she decided to do a donut and the cops pulled her over, so i just sat in my car waiting for the cop to talk to her, the cop then decides instead of asking lexa to move forwards so he can park behind that i should move, i said no as i was parked and had no reason to move as i have had been sat there (i wasnt breaking any law - there were no no parking signs or road markings) the officer then decides to call backup over radio and says "you are being arrested" through mic, he then says something alone the lines of "you will be arrested when my backup is here" this is clearly i direct threat to my person. as i normally do before any combat i put myself at an advantage, in this case i moves to the other side of the road and used my vehicle as cover to shoot at the officer from, i then drove round to a different position and fired at him and his backup, then proceeded to drive off where i then waited for it to die down. beetel then comes and has a chat about why i decided to shoot at the officer where he refused to take in anything i had to say before banning me even tho i showed him the rule allowing me to shoot the officer. Rule - 5.3.3 https://gyazo.com/18c83847b66a385b1ad3c670a4c5b282 If an officer attempts to arrest you, you may attack them, which as shown is clearly stated in the rules. To which beetels response is https://gyazo.com/16b98337f7116b23723f9dcf8f4a6d78, even tho he physically said "you are being arrested" if he chooses not to follow through with it that isnt my problem, if i go up to someone cars and kick it, i expect them to run me over, this is no different. he makes a direct threat to me and i carry out within rp of my character what i feel is necessary. Why should i be punished for following to rules that are written, there is nothing wrong with what i did in this situation, i followed them word for word yet i get punished. but because an admin doesnt agree that its a valid reason i get banned, even when i showed beetel the rule he says that he doesn't think what i did was acceptable, how is it acceptable that a rule becomes invalid because of an admins opinion. Also to add, maybe instead of straight up banning someone you try to find some kind of middle ground. Cos this could be resolved without a ban, if the Rp wasn't to your "standards" restart the rp and explain what I've actually done wrong in your opinion. here are 2 other examples; Thanks for your time LC
  14. LostCrypt

    Abdu's Unban

    due to your ban on me a few minutes ago i dont think you fully understand what an adequate reason is. at the end of the day, Its not about what you think is adequate, its about what the rules state. you may be a staff member but that doesn't mean you can just chose when or when not a rule matters. the rules are there for a reason, so people can see what is expected of them, it completely contradicts the rules when you decided that they dont suit how you feel about the situation. If it doesn't suit how you feel, make a rule change suggestion, instead of banning people who follow them just because you dont agree with them. this is the first of 2 times now, where your opinion has bypassed the rules.
  15. LostCrypt

    Abdu's unban 2

    There is no rule saying - when someone calls the cops on you, you have to kill them Straight away for it to be valid. I shot him within 10 mins of him calling them, and rule 5.3.3 clearly states that if someone is to call the cops on you, you may kill said person. It was revenge with a valid rp reason. if I called the cops I would also expect to be killed. It's a threat.