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  1. LostCrypt

    (Unban) Abdu

    so i was using an ammo cheat without any guns? that doesn't make sense to me sorry i was in prison when i logged on, i got out drove round for about an hour or so, crashed my car and died, drove round on my bike waiting out nlr, internet died then i got banned,
  2. LostCrypt

    (Unban) Abdu

    Account name: George7432 Character name(s): Abdu Makmood Admin who issued punishment: Serthon Date of punishment: Punishment received: 14/Aug/2018 15:18 Reason given for punishment: Cheating Your explanation of what happened: I was wait out my NLR timer driving round on my bike, my internet died and when i logged back in it said i was banned for cheating, i asked via discord if Serthon could explain why and he refused to answer, i was then banned from the discord for simply trying to understand what had happened. Why should your appeal be accepted?: i would like to think my appeal should be accepted because i haven't done anything wrong, but then again that's up to you. Post any evidence or further details: n/a
  3. LostCrypt

    Suggestion about Super Cars

  4. LostCrypt

    Suggestion about Super Cars

    - support
  5. LostCrypt

    [SOLD] Maxed Specter - 265k

    Price change to 265k,
  6. LostCrypt

    Elegy RH8 - SOLD

    Ok no worries :)
  7. LostCrypt

    Elegy RH8 - SOLD

    Il trade a maxed out specter for it, they both have the same stock price.
  8. LostCrypt

    [SOLD] Maxed Specter - 265k

    Kuruma is 135k stock Specter is 210k stock unfortunately wouldn't be sufficient
  9. LostCrypt

    [SOLD] Maxed Specter - 265k

    Selling a fully modded specter, for 265k . Message on here or find me if interested LC phone number is 2411242
  10. LostCrypt

    (Mors car glitch) Abdu Makmood

    Hahaha soz I copy pasted the bit, Abdu Makmood
  11. LostCrypt

    Delete please

    delete please
  12. LostCrypt

    (Mors car glitch) Abdu Makmood

    Character to be refunded: Abdu Makmood Date and time of incident: 9/5/2018 Requested refund (what and how much): Comet3 from mors 4965 Description of incident resulting in loss: I was driving around with my gang and then server crashed, when i the server restarted i was getting my car out at mors (at this point my car was free to receive). The server then crashed again before i had taken my car out, I then went to have dinner and came back about half an hour later to find my car cost 4965 to get out, im unsure of how this could have happened because my car had been in mors the entire time. Evidence of loss: https://imgur.com/a/aLkEVNp , i dont record but i was wondering whether you could check logs to see that i was in it before the crash. Thanks for your time LC