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  1. LostCrypt

    (Unban) Abdu

    so i was using an ammo cheat without any guns? that doesn't make sense to me sorry i was in prison when i logged on, i got out drove round for about an hour or so, crashed my car and died, drove round on my bike waiting out nlr, internet died then i got banned,
  2. LostCrypt

    (Unban) Abdu

    Account name: George7432 Character name(s): Abdu Makmood Admin who issued punishment: Serthon Date of punishment: Punishment received: 14/Aug/2018 15:18 Reason given for punishment: Cheating Your explanation of what happened: I was wait out my NLR timer driving round on my bike, my internet died and when i logged back in it said i was banned for cheating, i asked via discord if Serthon could explain why and he refused to answer, i was then banned from the discord for simply trying to understand what had happened. Why should your appeal be accepted?: i would like to think my appeal should be accepted because i haven't done anything wrong, but then again that's up to you. Post any evidence or further details: n/a
  3. LostCrypt

    Suggestion about Super Cars

  4. LostCrypt

    Suggestion about Super Cars

    - support
  5. LostCrypt

    [SOLD] Maxed Specter - 265k

    Price change to 265k,
  6. LostCrypt

    Elegy RH8 - SOLD

    Ok no worries :)
  7. LostCrypt

    Elegy RH8 - SOLD

    Il trade a maxed out specter for it, they both have the same stock price.
  8. LostCrypt

    [SOLD] Maxed Specter - 265k

    Kuruma is 135k stock Specter is 210k stock unfortunately wouldn't be sufficient
  9. LostCrypt

    [SOLD] Maxed Specter - 265k

    Selling a fully modded specter, for 265k . Message on here or find me if interested LC phone number is 2411242
  10. LostCrypt

    Delete please

    delete please
  11. LostCrypt

    The Professionals

    NAME: Abdu Makmood PHONE NUMBER: 2411242 WHY YOU WANT TO JOIN US: Seem like a sound bunch of people, would be nice to be part of the gang COUNTRY: U.K. AGE: 19 EXPERIENCE POINTS (SCREENSHOT /STATS): 8013 (will send screenshot) ACTIVITY (HOW MANY TIME YOU PLAY PER DAY): ~ 6ish or more if I don't have work DISCORD: LostCrypt#6215