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  1. CAR RENTAL Contract

    I agree and sign this contract.
  2. Reportin 8273_4992

    That is awkward.
  3. Dear Eclipse Roleplay community, I am playing on this server for like 2 months and a bit more. I have plenty suggestions but this time I will base myself on the toggling the cruise mode when your driving the car or working as an example as a money transporter job. Let's say you became a money transporter and you went to the garage to take your car and it spawns and you enter it and you get the "new destination mark". The problem is if you didn't have cruise mod on you will get a penalty for not enabling it even if you enable it when you entered the job car. Second thing is to make automatic cruise mod which will assure you that you dont have penalties upon your accomplishment of the job. Lets say when you press L the driving will be set to 70 kmh when you drive in the town and when you go to the highway it will automaticly change it for you to 130 kmh. This is to avoid the bad timings when you enable or disable the cruise mode since we dont know exactly where is the speed boundary applied on the roads. This would help out a lot to the people who are not working in government factions and are working hard in alternative jobs such as money transporting. Also I would like to say that we need more animations commands. It will seriously boost the RP since you can express yourself more deeply. Thank you for your time reading this and I hope there is someone out there who agrees with this. Have a lovely day! Maximilian Kverk
  4. Those moments in GTA RP

    Watch "-GTA 5- RP Trolling" on YouTube