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  1. Pc specs ?

    That's much more than enough.
  2. Pc specs ?

    On a more serious note this is really good
  3. Pc specs ?

    You need a TITAN X fam
  4. Fake Licenses

  5. Fake Licenses

    -1 (Joking +1)
  6. [1.1.0] [2017-09-07] ECLIPSE Roleplay

    Mercy killing? XD
  7. Your player name: Meng Tian Player you are reporting: Hajir_Alizade (2706_2165) Rule broken: 2.2 Exploiting Server & Client Bugs Explanation of events/why you are reporting: We were chasing Breezy and Alizade, we got Breezy but were still chasing Alizade. The chase ended on the beach when suddenly Alizade vanished without actually timing out. It was said he possibly utilized a home buttin bug that randomly teleports you. Time and date: 06/09/2017 Around 10:00PM EDT (UTC -5:00) Evidence: Timestamp - 9:32 (NO AUDIO SORRY GEFORCE SHARING BUGGED) Also to prove the chase did happen further with both IDs
  8. Live Dispatcher

    I'm not sure if posting this here was right since it's more of a LSES thing and less of a server thing, however for developers, maybe we can add a feature where when a dispatch is positioned certain aspects of the police car MDC becomes limited in some way.
  9. Character applications

    I strongly agree. I'm brand new but after only about a week and becoming an officer at LSPD, I can tell you majority of our car chases have to do with either a non english speaker not realising they need to be pulled over OR trolls that just cop bait 24/7. I don't think the quiz should be as extensive as FiveRP, it's a bit much and what personally turned me off, but it should be a bit more extensive than what it is currently.
  10. Currently lookin' for booty.