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  1. NickGomez

    Nicholas Gomez [ETR1 Import Vehicle]

    BUMP! Still havent recieved my refund…. And this is taking a toll on me cause that car i bought with real Money..
  2. NickGomez

    Nicholas Gomez [ETR1 Import Vehicle]

    It isent there either. It dosent exist in /showvehicles, thats why i am really confused and i want my vehicle back
  3. NickGomez

    Nicholas Gomez [ETR1 Import Vehicle]

    Then why dosent it exist when i do /showvehicles and when i do /stats it only says 2 vehicles not 3. And i had the ETR1
  4. NickGomez

    Nicholas Gomez [ETR1 Import Vehicle]

    Shouldnt i get a refund of my credits spent on that car in that case? after all it was altho 1500 credits around
  5. NickGomez

    Nicholas Gomez [ETR1 Import Vehicle]

    Character to be refunded: Nicholas_Gomez Date and time of incident: No idea, around GTMP time Requested refund (what and how much): Import vehicle "ETR1" gone from vehicle list Description of incident resulting in loss: No idea, stopt playing when Eclipse where on GTMP due to Desync issues, now when i got back once moved to rage MP, the car where gone, dident find it in mors, nor /showvehicles, no one is driving it, and its no visable with admin commands, so its gone Evidence of loss: No evidence, as its not on the import a vehicle anymore. But i have 60 EURO donation to eclipse on paypal, and with that Money i can buy "Windsor Drop, VIP 1 month, ERT1, AND custom plate on my Windsor drop. Still have 300 credits left. Comments: Thanks for taking the time to read this and trying to figure it out. Much love Gomez
  6. The Phenom of justice has arrived at scene

  7. NickGomez

    Admin Resolution In-Game

    I do agree to all of this, more then 100%. I'm from a solid RP Community from SA-MP, also an old creator/founder of many communities, and i've seen only destruction of this Community sence i joined 1 and a half week ago. First i would Point out. letting administators RP on there admin account, that would be of the charts, that shit shouldnt even be allowed, cause they can abuse/take advantage of that and quickly heal them self in gunfights if they rp and gets involved in that situation, then there is the players in general, i've only recieved the turst of my RP needs from the PD, Mechanic, and MD, also MerryWeather in some Points. Sure Everything isent great, but an more solid struction of the rules should defenently be established. Without the rules clearly stating, and the staff slacking in-game because they decide to RP on there admin account they simply ignore the tickets and letting the support handle the reports. As of the "Make a forum report" yeah totaly agree, that shit is not funny, its a different part if we report a player for somthing major, like hacking and there isent an staff online that can ban, but them taking 1-10 minutes off to spectate would be a great idea.
  8. NickGomez

    Phone System

    Just an idea RandomArmyStudios got, why not try to simplyfie the phone system with actuall numbers and commands. So you go to the 24/7 stores, within those stores you can purchase an phone, and with that phone you'll recieve a phone number thats locked to your phone, and its simulare to the phone on GTA original Online, but this actually has the abillity to call someone with an phonenumber insted, and surely send text messages.
  9. NickGomez

    What other games do you play?

    Games i've got installed and been playing for a while: Ghost Recon: Wildlands, GTA V, FFXIV "Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn", Rust, Tom Clansy's The Division, BF1, Assasins Creed III.
  10. /me Applies to be "Support" /me notice Shuugo slam the door "Denied" /me starts crying

  11. Hello all fellow rpers, I am Nicholas, nice to meet you all

  12. NickGomez

    Police Department ISSUE

    Alright so i just want to state a an issue about the whole situation i've been having. THIS GOES TO ALL LSPD'S! On my first day on the server i where trucking loads, and when i say loads, i mean loads. So yeah when i first decided that i wanted to withdraw my salary from Los Santos Bank, i ran there at ZeroNineHundred "09:00" and took my salary. I then started to run to the Surburban clothing store to get my self an cloth upgrade to look more stylish, once i stood inside surburban central in Los Santos "Point out, not far from LSPD" there where a guy standing behind me saying.. "Hey buddy" and i responded "Hello, whats up", he then interacted with me in a roleplay and i where willing to complie with, and he continued "Guess what", and I ofcourse responded "Whats up" then he swiftly pulls out a gun aiming at me and saying "This is a robbery, give me all your Money you have on you right now!" and i complied and gave him Money as it was IC roleplay. But then it comes to the fact of the LSPD here.. The robber swiftly took the Money as he turnd around and quickly ran away from the scene, as soon as he left the building for me to be safe and pull up the phone to call 911 "/911 Police" i stated in the call... "I've just been robbed at the surburban clothing store Close to los Santos bank" and i recieved an message that the police deparment has recieved my call. I stayd at the location for 10 minutes real time "No game time" waiting for the police force to come, then i had enough i walkt out to check around the area if the police had trouble finding it, well nothing... then i Heard sirens going of, well that dident change anything i Heard multiple of them so i tought i stay Another 10 minutes "real time" nothing happend. that quite pissed me off the grid, there where currently 6 police officers online, none to be able to drive that small path to surburban to actually help IC with an actually roleplay.. FOR ALL LSPD'S KEEP atleast 2-3 officer OFF all the dam chases you all are doing all the time, cause when people actually need a police office, ONE has simply sayd over the radio "LSPD officer being fire upon, requesting all patrols on my 6" or somthing shitty like that. IF you can meet the standard of actually having 2-3 officers OUT of a car chase to actually do other work then car chase every single time. Consider to take LIVE APPLICATIONS TO MAKE IT MORE ROLEPLAYLY AND ACTUALLY CHECK WHAT THE PERSON CAN DO RPLY! because if you cant spare 2-3 officers OUT from the car chases you lack reinforcement and could consider more reqruites or even Think about reassign your possition to some fitting. This is not a complaint, its just a roleplayer who Think the Communication in the law inforcement is lacking team understanding. As of the LSPD dosent have many members, you cant actually take up ALL the LSPD's time to follow YOU on a wild in-game car chase for Another 30-40 real time to sadisfie your needs of roleplay as an law inforcement, but actually Think about others aswell, as some might be highjacked, robbed, shot at, kidnapped, vehicle stolen, and what not. there is loads of stuff to Think about when it comes to leading a faction thats has a great responsebility. I'm just a fello roleplayer that thought this could have been pointed out, as this is the wierdest thing ever seen in a RP Community probably, having more then 6 guys chasing 1 dude with possible 2-3 people in it, well sure firepower is good, BUT HEY LSPD already has better firepower then civilians can get in the market. I Think 2-3 crouisers of LSPD could be enough at a car chase as i havent seen many LSPD members online, altought there is 51 members inside LSPD