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  1. NickGomez

    Nicholas Gomez [ETR1 Import Vehicle]

    BUMP! Still havent recieved my refund…. And this is taking a toll on me cause that car i bought with real Money..
  2. NickGomez

    Nicholas Gomez [ETR1 Import Vehicle]

    It isent there either. It dosent exist in /showvehicles, thats why i am really confused and i want my vehicle back
  3. NickGomez

    Nicholas Gomez [ETR1 Import Vehicle]

    Then why dosent it exist when i do /showvehicles and when i do /stats it only says 2 vehicles not 3. And i had the ETR1
  4. NickGomez

    Nicholas Gomez [ETR1 Import Vehicle]

    Shouldnt i get a refund of my credits spent on that car in that case? after all it was altho 1500 credits around
  5. Character to be refunded: Nicholas_Gomez Date and time of incident: No idea, around GTMP time Requested refund (what and how much): Import vehicle "ETR1" gone from vehicle list Description of incident resulting in loss: No idea, stopt playing when Eclipse where on GTMP due to Desync issues, now when i got back once moved to rage MP, the car where gone, dident find it in mors, nor /showvehicles, no one is driving it, and its no visable with admin commands, so its gone Evidence of loss: No evidence, as its not on the import a vehicle anymore. But i have 60 EURO donation to eclipse on paypal, and with that Money i can buy "Windsor Drop, VIP 1 month, ERT1, AND custom plate on my Windsor drop. Still have 300 credits left. Comments: Thanks for taking the time to read this and trying to figure it out. Much love Gomez
  6. The Phenom of justice has arrived at scene

  7. NickGomez

    Admin Resolution In-Game

    I do agree to all of this, more then 100%. I'm from a solid RP Community from SA-MP, also an old creator/founder of many communities, and i've seen only destruction of this Community sence i joined 1 and a half week ago. First i would Point out. letting administators RP on there admin account, that would be of the charts, that shit shouldnt even be allowed, cause they can abuse/take advantage of that and quickly heal them self in gunfights if they rp and gets involved in that situation, then there is the players in general, i've only recieved the turst of my RP needs from the PD, Mechanic, and MD, also MerryWeather in some Points. Sure Everything isent great, but an more solid struction of the rules should defenently be established. Without the rules clearly stating, and the staff slacking in-game because they decide to RP on there admin account they simply ignore the tickets and letting the support handle the reports. As of the "Make a forum report" yeah totaly agree, that shit is not funny, its a different part if we report a player for somthing major, like hacking and there isent an staff online that can ban, but them taking 1-10 minutes off to spectate would be a great idea.
  8. NickGomez

    Ania Orlov

    Failed to RP you say, Well the fact that as long as you use Brackets = (()) you state the issued OOC, as the trucking radio /cb dosent have a OOC funtion, thats what I did, secondly I do know how to roleplay, but the fact that you continued an argument, that clearly you lost in the begining, FMJ you stated to be a bullet, FMJ bullets dosent exist in GTA V therefor its Powergaming, you are only allowed to use what ever is in the game, if you use somthing that dosent exist within the game, thats calld PowerGaming. And IF you where a cop, you would in no way able to know what truck to stop, nor how i look, nor what my name is, and therefor if you would arrest me anytime it would be Metagaming.
  9. NickGomez

    Ania Orlov

    Your player name: Nicholas Gomez Player you are reporting: Ania Orlov Rule broken: OOCly treathning, PG, MG Explanation of events/why you are reporting: Well we where leading an argument on the CB chat oocly with brackets, and he where saying he where going to lead the PD of Paleto, and as the argument escalated to an Point where the person got quite offended with me knowing the rules and stated them to him/her, he/she then treathned me with saying that she/he will arrest me first oocly. She/he dosent know me, nor have i told my name, Thats MG. PG: We where talkin about our safety as truckers picking up arms to prevent us from being robbed, so we RPly discussed guns in CB chat, then Ania_Orlov sayd FMJ anyone intrested, as a FMJ is a vehicle i told him/her that she was in the wrong radio frequence for that matter. She/he started an IC argument that eventually leaded to a OOC argument. With that being sayd, as FMJ is a call of duty weapon modification, he stated it to be in game aswell, thats powergaming, because it dosent exist within the game. Do not have SS on the whole conversation, but just part of him treathning me with the PD Paleto shit. Check the logs if you want further proof of it. Time and date: 2017 - 05 - 22 11:00 GMT +1 Evidence: OOCLY Metagaming treathing: FMJ "COD" PG:
  10. NickGomez

    Phone System

    Just an idea RandomArmyStudios got, why not try to simplyfie the phone system with actuall numbers and commands. So you go to the 24/7 stores, within those stores you can purchase an phone, and with that phone you'll recieve a phone number thats locked to your phone, and its simulare to the phone on GTA original Online, but this actually has the abillity to call someone with an phonenumber insted, and surely send text messages.
  11. NickGomez

    What other games do you play?

    Games i've got installed and been playing for a while: Ghost Recon: Wildlands, GTA V, FFXIV "Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn", Rust, Tom Clansy's The Division, BF1, Assasins Creed III.
  12. /me Applies to be "Support" /me notice Shuugo slam the door "Denied" /me starts crying

  13. NickGomez

    did a roadkill while disconnected

    Simply download a program calld ShadowPlay and study it. Its good for capturing moments thats nessesary, also the clips can simply be shortand and uploaded faster. Because the gopro would work the same way, you would need to upload the clip any how.
  14. NickGomez

    did a roadkill while disconnected

    I dont Think he has the rights to check the logs just like that. Also only Administators/Senior Adminstrators has the abillity to accept/reject ban appeals i belive, so this could take a few. But i recommend in the future, do not message the staff when a ban has happend, they will most likely just ignore it or incomming messages
  15. NickGomez

    did a roadkill while disconnected

    I did take it as sarcasm, altought i never get offended, its not my cup of tea, Also i do understand if it is differcult to explain stuff if English isent the native languish, altought i am neither English or Close. BUT explaining if you did see him or dident see him is not hard to do, thats why i get confused so much that i actually wanted to add this.