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[HELP] Rules

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Hey guys, I was wondering if someone could clarify some rules for me or rather if some situations are against the rules and if so which rule and why?


Situation 1.

A robber steals a vehicle from a victim. The said victim finds the robber with his vehicle, makes the person leave the vehicle disarms the man( Meaning he was following the commands) and then shoots him in the face finishing him off. 

This is a regular occurance in the server, so I was wondering if its allowed. 
I mean RP wise if you look at it, if you steal from a gang member or any form of criminal and he finds the thief he might kill him so
its not too far fetched. So what justifies a person to kill another if he follows all the commands of the assailant? 

At the same time there is this thing called Fear RP, so 4 people pull up on you "YOU HAVE TO SURRENDER" and they just kill you in the end,
by the same thinking you know you are fucked in either case so might as well give ur best shot and resist or take one down with you.

What I'm looking here is some clear lines when is it allowed to kill someone? I try to stay on the safe side and only kill when they resist.

Situation 2.

You'v just killed one man ( legitimate RP reasons ) and someone saw you do it, are you allowed to take out the witness ? If he is techincally not involved ?

Situation 3.

You see someone stealing ur vehicle in NCZ are you allowed to shoot him?

This happens so often that its upsetting. But I was told before by admins that "that one person is breaking the rules, does not mean you can break them to stop him"
So the solution would be let him steal my vehicle, chop it. Report him and wait for him to get banned right? While loosing my vehicle for the day basically.
Or am I allowed to just kill the guy?


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